my iphone won't make calls but will text

Why Does My iPhoneWon’t Make Calls But Will Text? Tips For iPhone Users To Fix The Issue

My iPhone has stopped making and taking calls. When dialing, the call doesn’t go through and is abruptly terminated. When I try to make a phone call, I am constantly disconnected. Only selected persons may send or receive messages to/from me. The Phone has evolved into a multifunctional tool that facilitates commu?nication, provides entertainment, and…

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The Decade of iPhone innovation

The Decade Of iPhone Innovation: The Top Features Apple Launched With Each New iPhone

The iPhone has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with each other. In 2007, Apple released its groundbreaking smartphone with the iPhone innovations, introducing an entirely new concept to mobile technology. The device was revolutionary, boasting features such as a capacitive touchscreen display, gesture recognition functionality, voice-activated commands, and seamless integration with Apple’s multimedia…

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