How To Delete Messages On iPhone From Both Sides: A Comprehensive Guide

how to delete messages on iphone from both sides

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where the priority is to figure out how to delete messages on your iPhone from both sides? This predicament has been faced by me as well, and I have desperately searched for a solution that is relatively possible and for me to act upon. This article entails and discusses how I got the solution for this digital dilemma. It will help you sort out this query and make your life easier.

Messages do keep track of our lives, and they keep a record of digital experiences and our everyday conversations. Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons, the desire comes to delete messages from both sides, the user and the recipient. It can be sensitive information that you don’t want anyone else to see or respond to, or you only want to declutter the message inbox. I have personally discovered solutions to help tackle these situations. Skim and scrutinize this article meticulously to find the details that would be helpful for you to apply and follow.

Step By Step Guide on How to Delete Text Messages On iPhone For Both Sides

Deleting Messages on both sides can be a bit tricky and a bit technical. But it isn’t considered impossible to do so. After successful expertise in this field, I will provide a detailed step overview according to every situation. Whether you intend to delete messages on a permanent basis to clear the specific conservation or manage the latest iOS updates (like iOS 16), I have everything covered in this article for everyone with these queries.

To delete the text messages from both sides, one must follow these steps:

1.      How to Delete a Message on iPhone so the other one is unable to see it

One must start by opening the messages app and selecting the conversation one wants to delete. Tap on the message that is intended to be deleted, then the option of “more,” and select all messages you are required to remove. Finally, tap the icon that holds trash to see and confirm that all the messages are deleted.

2.      How to delete messages on iPhone permanently

To make sure that the messages are permanently deleted from your iPhone, go to the Settings > Messages > Keep Messages, and choose “30 Days” or “1 Year.” Then, you would need to visit the conversations again and delete all the usual texts.

3.      How to Delete All Messages from One Person on an iPhone

When inside the conversation, one should click on the recipient’s name and then select the “Info” tab. Please scroll down and find see all photos and attachments; clear all the conversation history and other relevant information that can reveal the context of the conversation.

4.      How to delete multiple/ various messages from iPhone

Open the conversation that you are intending to delete, then press and hold the message, and then tap on the option that says “More.” Now select all the multiple messages you want to erase, and then you should click on the trash icon.

5.      How to delete messages on the new iPhone

The process share the equal amount of similarity to exactly what the deleting process is analyzed as. Now, with iPhone 13, the swiping feature enables the message deletion; only by swiping left can you delete the message.

Relevant points

  • The messages are deleted on both sides of the iMessage; this does not apply to text messages.
  • The sender must and should have iOS 16 or later, iPad OS 16 or later, or macOS Ventura to edit or delete messages on both sides.
  • The modification and editing of the text can be taken place within the time frame of 15 minutes from when the message has been sent.
  • Apple has policy that allows the sender to delete a message up to 5 times.
  • If the receiver of the text message is also a user of iOS 16 or later, then it is more likely for them to receive the text message with a label of “edited”
  • The procedure through which the messages are being deleted from iMessage involves the condition of opening the app on the user’s device.
  • The conversation that needs to be deleted should be opened.
  • Long press the intended message you want to delete.
  • One should tap on the “Undo Send” option listed in the menu bar.
  • After a while, with a teeny tiny blow of animation will appear with a note that says, “You unsent a message.”

Final Thought:

My fellow iPhone users, now there’s no need to worry and fret about managing messages. In these modern times of hustle and bustle, everything is personal. People prefer to keep their lives within the confines, and they try to keep it relatively private. After reading this article, you will have a plethora of knowledge on how to delete messages from both sides. You will be able to regain control and maneuver your digital conversations. Don’t let these messages clutter your message inbox and have a lot of traffic. Keep in mind and utilize the steps correctly as said accordingly, and explore the capabilities of the iPhone. To ensure that messages are being held with great confidentiality and that this is all within your grasp and control.

Through these ways, one can vanish the messages that aren’t needed. So, embrace the new concept and adapt all the further advised steps to bring in better results and maintain privacy. This way, the whole process will be more organized and helpful for each one of you. With all these navigations, you are now well-equipped to operate the digital world and use it according to your expertise. Then there will be no issue, and it will be easier to acquire all the scenarios.

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