Is technology for good or evil?


In basic terms, good and evil are recognized to be the exact opposites of one another. Obviously the good and the evil are different from another. However, moral issues also need to be addressed and this highly involves the option of whether to be good or to reside in evil. Life is bound to be surrounded by choices, ever since the existence of man.

Technology Comparison

These choices may be good or may be bad it all depend upon your choice. There are choices that are directly involved with the physical existence and this remains to be vital.  As there are so many advantages of highly developed technology, there are also disadvantages of it. One disadvantage is that as technology develops, robots and machines will take over many jobs and people will lose their jobs by contrast.

There are so many points in the favor of good technology but we are discussing only few which are most important;

Economic Growth

There are numbers of technologies such as computers and vehicles have created huge economic growth. This can be achieved with the help of good technology which can be beneficial for the human kind. Due to this growth our living lifestyle has changed so much as compared to the last fifty years or so.


With the help of good technology, it has become possible to communicate with any person in any part  the world. Bundle of thanks to the Internet and other relates technologies which can play an important role  in the benefit of mankind.

Medical Technology

As the good technology improves, it helps in curing so many medical problems of humanistic cease. For instance, Heart/kidney transplant and test tube baby are the just a few of them. It is hoped that other problems, such as disease, will end forever.
As compared with good science there are many bad or evil aspects. Some of these aspects are explained as follows;


Dependence is a huge disadvantage of technology as most people are always connected with a mobile, email and social networking sites. Which causes bad impact on your health and mind.


Societies are becoming more personalized and we are losing our ability and desire to be around other people due to isolation. You spend more time sitting alone in front of a computer than out in the community.

 Job Loss

As technology has advanced so much that computers can do some jobs faster and more accurately than we can. Computer illiteracy means immediate disqualification from a huge percentage of jobs. Computer graduates would be preferred and who don’t have the computer knowledge then he is considered as a jobless individual.