Classrooms For The Next generation | Stark Trek Style

Scientists and researchers designing and testing the classrooms of the future that has been found in Star Trek movies. The ‘Star Track’ fantasy style of the future that’s going to change books or Whiteboards in the class. This is multi-user, multi-touch, and can operate more than two students at a time in a class.

It could give a very positive impression on the student and they can improve fluency and flexibility in their studies. This electronic smart desk project ‘Star Trek Classrooms is a trial version and has been tested by more than four hundred pupils.

Design Maker

This smart desk is designed and software by Durham University and their studies show that it had a very good impact on the pupil’s mathematics or that recognizes multiple touches on the desktop using vision systems that see infrared light. According to the researcher, children will work together and solve problems using inventive solutions.

Collaboration Among Students

The researcher Burd’s team found that 45 percent of students who used a math program on the smart desk increased the number of creative mathematical expressions, as other students who can work on paper-based style created 16 percent mathematical expressions.  The classrooms enable both active engagement and access and they found that the students are collaborating more efficiently. Such collaborations weren’t seen when the students used paper-based studies.

Group-work Increasing

With the help of this invention, students can able to work in groups as they can share their work with other desks and increase more interaction between students. Moreover, teachers can also able to study in a new fashion as the live feed of the smart desk goes directly to the teacher who can review them quickly and help the student while allowing the group work to continue.

Student Friendly

The students really enjoy doing mathematics in this next-generation style and teachers are also given more attention or their interactions with the student improve significantly. In this way, collaborative learning improves and students can learn more about maths.

Technique: To Built This Structure

These desks are placed or built-in furniture of the classroom in such a way that they are interconnected through networking and link to a smartboard. We hope for the best and looking forward to hearing about this technological progress, as it can very helpful for the students at the very beginning age or these types of practices that may also start in higher-level mathematical studies for complex expressions.

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