Control Your Home from Your Smart Phone

Control Your Home from Your Smart Phone Researchers have developed a Smartphone app designed to control any system in your home that has a wireless connection or Internet protocol address. The Internet of Things is adding dramatic change in consumer electronics. It’s a remote control to rule them all. A mobile company UBE has developed a single Smartphone app designed to control any electronic system in your home or any apartments for rent in San Francisco that has a wireless connection. That provides unique intelligence by relating multiple systems. For Instance:-

Control Your Home from Your Smart Phone

Security And Lighting

Garage door openers, temperature sensors, break glass sensors, etc. UBE smart dimmer shows how much power you are using for each device in the house.

Control Your Home from Your Smart Phone Healthy Living

It includes the products like Fitbit, Aria weight scale, weight scale, and much more.

Media Players And Thermostats

Apple, Boxee, Direct TV, Smart TVs, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and many more. Internet-connected thermostats from Ecobee, Allure… These devices were unveiled recently in California at a DEMO conference.

Application Of UBE Smartphone

Most smart home devices need a professional for example, a light control system cannot be integrated with the audio or security system, but UBE simplifies the problem by being able to connect to any device that has an Internet protocol address.

The UBE device is so sophisticated that can give you information about the exact temperature and which TV is on. These applications also help that how much your home consumes energy. UBE made a wonderful big display at its DEMO.

The most interesting part of these products is that the app is totally free, while the dimmer’s retail cost is $60. You can choose and use the App very easily and within no time you’ll be able to make it just the way you want or according to your lifestyle.

Control Your Home from Your Smart Phone New Living Style With UBE

Many users may not have Wi-Fi connectivity. So solutions like this one are likely to become more common. Also as more people become of how t conscientious better manage their own electricity consumption. This is definitely the beginning of the new living style. UBE will aim to have more compatible devices with Android in the future. Despite this, now buying a Smartphone is not a waste of money. Because home automation still seems a little Tomorrowland, but the companies like UBE think it can make some parts of that dream a reality.

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