IBM has predicted the future’s Technology


They think that people will no more need passwords and that only mind reading will happen. Innovations that will change our lives within the next five years Many of you are waiting for the things to happen and many more predictions are to come. According to IBM, let us find some of the predictions in detail.

No Password Needed

IBM said that, you will never need a password, they introduces Multi-factor biometrics. This system will use the biometric data such as retina scan and store other personal information through software to build your DNA unique online password. Whenever someone is attempting to access your information it matches with your biometric profile. Just imagine you will use your ATM machine by simply speaking your name or looking into a tiny lens that can recognize the unique patterns in the retina.

Mind reading power will come to life

The idea is to think about making a call, and the Smartphone responds to the command. IBM Scientists are trying to figure out how to link the devices you own directly to your brain without an actual physical The Matrix-like cranial plug. Scientist of bio-informatics have designed advanced sensor headset to read electrical brain activity that can recognize expressions. Furthermore, doctors could use the technology to test brain patterns, possibly even assist in rehabilitation from strokes and to help in understanding brain disorders, such as autism. Within five years, we will begin to see early applications of this technology in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Human Energy – An Alternate Energy

The philosophy behind this idea is, that we will make our own energy as if we moves then we create energy. Advances in renewable energy technology will allow individuals to collect all sorts of kinetic energy while walking and bicycling. This energy is used in to generate power for our homes and offices. Looks very fantasy, but it is predicted in next coming five years with IBM. Imagine that some small devices  are attached to your bicycle wheels that recharge batteries as you pedal along.

No Junk Mail

Imagine a future where some sources of unsolicited advertisement produce such useful and perfectly timed ads. The spams are dead and spam filters will be so precise and you’ll never be bothered by unwanted sales pitches. IBM said in next five years, the users can get real time analytics to make sense and integrate data from your social networks which can be useful to you. As many IBM’s previous predictions have come true including the use of nanotechnology, the ability to affordably decipher an individual’s entire genome, communicating with the internet via speech recognition, and remote access to health care.

Digital Divide

This amazing prediction is about the gap between information haves and have-nots will narrow considerably due to advances in mobile technology. According to the statistics, more than eighty percent of the world population would use mobile devices globally as there are 7 billion people inhabiting the world today.