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Mozilla Is Going To Launch Two Developer Phones

Mozila  announced a new partnership with Geeksphnone to produce a pair of developer  devices which is based on Firefox OS HTML 5. Both companies has low market value and produced cheaper rates Smartphones. The Firefox OS has built a new mobile operating system entirely using web standards. HTML 5 apps can do “ Phone things” they can make the phone vibrate, make a phone call and send a text message. We believe that developers bring power of the web and provide help to mobile. These phones are being developed by Geeksphone in partnership with Telefonica. we are looking to make them available in Febuary.

Mozila is going to launch two Smartphones

Mozila is going to launch two Smartphones Keon and Peak .The Keon is completed with a3. 5 inch HVGA display , 1GHz single core Snapdragon 512 MB of RAM and with a 3 mega pixel camera .The peak has pretty good , although it is still being considered a low price device by todays standards.


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Blighted Passion: Five Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

At times, passion can overcome reason or bad luck may get in the way. Many inventors in history have been lost to unfortunate events where...

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Brain Tumours? Electric Fields Can Kill Tumors

Scientists in Israel may be on the verge of discovering a new way to effectively treat a dangerous type of brain cancer known as...

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The Sikorsky S-76D Helicopter

The new Sikorsky S-76D has been approved for production by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). It is expected that after the Type...

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The Journey of Bill Gates and Arfa Karim

After weeks of struggling against her illness, the bright star of Pakistani youth, Arfa Karim Randhawa, succumbed to her illness and passed...

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NASA Aims to Use Largest Solar Sail for Solar Studies in 2014

NASA, in collaboration with L’Garde Inc. in California, has helped to develop what is claimed to be the largest solar sail ever built in...

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Talking Cats? Wait, There’s More to See

Reallusion, an application developer company based in the Silicon Valley, has come up with a fascinating application called Crazy Talk that...

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What is Bluetooth? – A Detailed Review

If technology seems daunting to you, then you might benefit from reading the following lines about Bluetooth. Yes, Bluetooth has something...

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