B2B Lead Generation: Understanding The Process

B2B Lead Generation

Every business must attract customers to survive, whether those customers are individuals or businesses. In the business space, B2B lead generation allows businesses to attract business customers and subsequently get conversions and increase their sales and revenue. B2B marketing also provides crucial data that sales reps, marketing teams, and other professionals leverage in their work and strategies.

To do B2B lead generation right, businesses must understand the process of creating successful campaigns.

Know Your Ideal Customer

Generating leads entails getting contact information from or about a prospective buyer and reaching out to them through different sales channels. Understanding this, the question becomes who to reach out to.

As with B2C marketing, knowing your ideal buyer starts with a buyer persona. A buyer persona describes everything you know or need to know about the perfect customer for your products or services.

In order to successfully connect with someone, it’s important to have a solid understanding of their industry and job title, as well as where they typically spend their time online and how they obtain their information. It’s also helpful to identify any pain points they may have and the solutions they’re seeking.

You also need to understand what is hindering them from doing business with you, their purchase and selection criteria, their goals, and the authority they have to make decisions. You may need to create multiple personas if you have multiple products and services you need to market to different types of customers.

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Pick Your Marketing Channels

A marketing channel is how the customer will find you and how you will find them. In marketing, you have inbound and outbound marketing channels. Inbound marketing channels allow customers and leads to reach out to the business. It can be through social media, email, search pages, or online advertising.

Outbound lead generation entails you reaching out to potential leads through channels like email, cold calls, or social media prospecting.

Using these marketing channels for B2B lead generation can seem like a puzzle, which is why many businesses turn to those that provide B2B lead generation services. These companies use different inbound and outbound marketing channels, and they can even help you pick one that works best for your business and the types of people you would like to reach.

Choose Your Strategy

Now that you understand your ideal buyer(s) and marketing channels, it is time to choose your strategy. There is no single way to do B2B lead generation, and you might have to experiment with different strategies to find the ones that work best.

Some of the strategies many businesses use include creating SEO-optimised websites, creating interesting reports, using LinkedIn to reach prospects, using paid advertising, social media, community building, and enticing people to subscribe to an email newsletter.

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Qualifying and Prospecting Leads

Once you start getting leads, it is important to understand where they are on their journey so you know how to market to them. You should focus your effort differently depending on where they are for the best results.

You need to understand how it works to properly do B2B lead generation.  While the steps to doing this are easy to understand, paying attention to the nuances, experimenting, and iterating will give you the best results in the long run. If you find lead generation overwhelming, you can always work with a company providing lead generation services so they can help you out.

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