what is automotive technology

What Is Automotive Technology And Its Importance

The field of automotive technology encompasses the study of the mechanics of self-propelled vehicles, their development, design, and any necessary maintenance or repairs. The engine and other systems, as well as engineering, mechanics, and computers, may all play a role. Automotive technicians and allied jobs are in high demand because of the expanding automotive sector,…

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BMW Convertible Models

3 Hi-tech BMW Convertible Models

In this auto tech age, many people think that convertibles are not well acknowledged among enthusiasts. The conventional explanation is that convertibles are overweight, slower, and sloppier than coupes. BMW Convertible Models have existed for longer than others have been living. But it does not mean they are not important these days. Although many people…

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Samsung Debuts 5d Ultrasound Technology

Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, just launch Samsung UGEO WS80, the most recent 5D ultrasound imaging technology intended to offer diagnostic accurateness for antenatal scan. Apart from thorough digital accurateness, the UGEO WS80 features simplicity of exploit and functions, keep time on present antenatal scanning actions and provide expectant mothers to maintain inborn…

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