10 Ways To Get Water Out Of Charging Port Mobile Phone

how to get water out of charging port

Did you accidentally drop your phone in the pool while taking a selfie? Did your kid spill juice on your phone or maybe your phone was soaked in the rain while coming home? Well, it happens to almost all of us. So if you find yourself in such a situation then you certainly do not have to worry because here are some tips and tricks on how to get water out of charging port of Android and iPhone.

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port?

Do Not Panic!

First off, the most important thing is DO NOT PANIC!!! It is a general reaction to worry if your phone gets exposed to water by any means but panic would certainly not solve the issue. It will only make the matter worse. People tend to shake phones in hopes of drawing the water out but that only pushes it further inside the charging port. So try not to swing and shake your phone to avoid further complications.

Just Let It Sit for A Couple of Hours

As straightforward and unbelievable as it sounds, you can just let your phone dry in the air, or maybe near a fan or window for a few hours. This will evaporate the moisture from your phone but be careful not to put it too close to the window pane as sun exposure and heat radiated from hot glass can cause damage to your phone’s internal machinery.

But this method is a bit risky as a mobile phone whether google android or the latest iPhone contains internal components and parts made of a material such as iron or iron-containing alloys that can rust when exposed to water. The manifestations are not visible right away but they tend to appear after some time has passed like after a couple of weeks or so.

Make Use of Gravity!

Yes, you heard that right, use gravity to derive water out of your phone. How to do that? Well as simple as it could be, use gravity by just letting your phone stand with the charging port facing downwards.

This will derive all water out of your phone. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you put any absorbent material under your phone when trying this method, it will absorb the expelled water. Otherwise, the water can damage your phone’s other ports. No one would want that right?

Never Ignore Your Mobiles Warning

Normally, whenever water enters your mobile’s charging or USB port, then it is highly likely that your phone’s system will detect it and will notify you through notification or an error message. This error warning varies according to the mobile manufacturer company and the nature of the issues.

It is usually a phrase such as “unplug charging” or “liquid or debris detected”. So, whenever you receive a warning of this sort, DO NOT ignore it! If you want to know how to remove this message click here.

Try Tapping Your Phone

You can also expel water out of your USB port by gently tapping your phone on a soft surface such as the palm of your hand with the charging port downwards. This would draw water out of your USB port but be sure to be gentle and not swing it with much force!!

A Traditional Method – Use Rice

Using rice for drying phones and other electronics is an old and tested method with satisfactory results. In fact, it has been in use for quite a while now as rice is an essential and hence easily available material in any household all over the world. So all you have to do is take a bowl full of dry rice, place your phone in the bowl and cover it with more dry rice and keep it in a cool dry place overnight.

The questions arise, does this method actually works? And if it does, then how exactly? The answer is that rice is a hygroscopic material that lets it absorb water when exposed to even a minute quantity of water (even the humidity in the air!). But this method has one drawback: it might cause dirt and debris to enter your device’s USB port and this debris will interfere with connecting chargers or headphones.

Silica Gel – An Excellent Rice Alternative

Well, silica gel works as an alternative to the rice method as it works on a similar principle as that of the previous method but with lower risk factors. Just like rice, Silica gel is also moisture absorbing substance that comes in sachets with household items such as clothes, shoes, supplements, or medicines, it absorbs water and moisture from the surrounding without losing its shape or swelling.

So to get water out of your charging port you have to surround the targeted port with silica gel beads and it is best to place them in a zip lock bag – trust me you wouldn’t want to smell that. Or you can just keep silica gel sachets near the port overnight.

Using Cotton or Tissue Paper

When drying a phone, one might consider using an absorbent tissue, cloth, cotton, or cotton swab but let me tell you, it’s not certainly a good idea to use any of these. “Why is that?” You may ask, well all the mentioned items are no doubt good at absorbing liquid but they may cause more damage to your device’s charging port.

For instance, cotton or cotton swab consists of tiny fibers that can get stuck in the port. Similarly, if you are thinking of using a paper towel or tissue paper then remember that once they get wet, they will start separating and breaking into small fragments with even the slightest force and it would be more difficult and hectic getting those small pieces out. So it is wise not to use these items.

Avoid Using Hair Dryer and Vacuum Cleaner

Well, thought of drying your charging port with a hair dryer or maybe a vacuum cleaner. Think again. These methods can severely damage your phone. The hair dryer will heat up your phone to a dangerous temperature and the vacuum hose might suck some water out of your device but it may disturb your phone’s internal components.

Contact Customer Services or Local Repair Services

As last resort, if none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then it is advised to contact the customer care services of your device’s company through their respective support pages or service centers. You may also consider taking your mobile phone to a local repair center.

Water and Dust Proof Newer Mobile Phone

Generally, modern androids and iPhones are somewhat water resistant, which means they can withstand water for a couple of seconds or even up to a few minutes. Some versions can even stay resistant for 30 minutes!!! (Yes to underwater clicks and videos!). Water resistance is a much-desired property that several companies have launched waterproof phones.

For example, some water resistance android sets are the OnePlus 10 Pro, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Google Pixel 6 series, Sony Xperia 1 IV, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Z Fold 4. And if we talk about water-resistant iPhones, all models from iPhone 7 and above are water and dust-resistant. So you can also opt for one of these and forget about water damage altogether.

How to Be Certain If the Phone Has Dried Completely?

You can detect whether your phone has dried or not by not receiving any liquid detection alerts on your device. Moreover, if you don’t observe any malfunctioning or glitches in your phone’s functioning, then you can be sure your phone is dry and safe.

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