Google Pixel 7: The Iconic Pixel Phone On The Market

Google Pixel 7

I love to capture my favorite moments. For instance, little get-togethers with family and friends, official dinners, movie nights, beautiful weather, etc., are the best moments. I recall these beautifully captured moments in my leisure time. For this purpose, I need a handsome camera. But it isn’t easy to carry a camera all the time. That’s why I got a mobile phone named Google Pixel 7 with a fantastic camera result.

How I Feel About my Google Pixel 7

I am really crazy about my cell phone, for it is simply one of the very best phones available on the market. It has brought my dreams to reality and I often wonder if I am really using it or not. It is lovely, well-equipped, facilitating, easy to use, and always reliable.

This is a great cell phone with a refined result. I also researched a lot to find an android-based best mobile for my daily routine. So, I found an iconic phone, the google pixel 7, slaying in the market after the google pixel 6. Here I will tell you about my experience with this phone. Also, we will discuss the features of google pixel 7.

The Design of Google Pixel 7

Its design is almost the same as the last version of google pixel 6. It has an edge-to-edge camera bar with an elegant matte aluminum texture on the back. Here, Google gives you a color choice. Lemongrass color has an elegant golden rim, and black and white colors have a silver rim. Also, the logo of google is located on the middle backside. Moreover, it is slightly smaller than pixel 6. So, this phone looks more elegant than the last version.

The Camera of Google Pixel 7

I must say that if you want a great camera in android, go for the google pixel 7. It will provide you with the best photography via smartphone. It has dual cameras with a 50 MP primary camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide camera. With its astonishing camera, I have fulfilled all my dreams regarding snapshots of various occasions.

This fabulous iconic phone provides you with detailed and colored shots. Moreover, it contains a flashlight to enlighten your views in the darkness to capture them better. The selfie camera is also high-resolution and will amaze you after clicking.

Similarly, I got surprised when I found the best feature of google pixel 7. Yes, this marvelous phone can fix all the blur images no matter from which device or camera it had been clicked. If you have a blurred picture and want to restore it, stop worrying about it. So, the Face Unblur feature is my favorite as it will help a lot.

The Memory of Google Pixel 7

This excellent phone comes with two slots. First, it has 8GB RAM with 128GB internal memory. Another is 8GB RAM with 256GB memory. But, if you want some extra memory in your device, there must be an SD card slot. Unfortunately, google pixel 7 does not support any memory card. So, go for another device if you want an SD card slot.

What is the Release Date of the Upgraded Google Pixel 7? Is it Worth Buying?

Google Pixel 7 launched on 13th October 2022. If you had a phone with fewer specifics than the pixel 7, it would be worth buying it. But, a user of google pixel 6 should not purchase it because there is not a vast difference between both mobile phones.

Does this Phone have a Face Lock?

Yes, it has a face lock feature, but it is unreliable. You can use it to unlock your Pixel 7. It is not that solid if you discuss opening the apps via face lock. So, the face lock feature of this google iconic phone is only secure for unlocking the fone, not for payments or other apps.

Does Pixel 7 Include a Charger in the Box?

No, it does not include a charger in the box. If you already have a charger, it would be great. Otherwise, you must buy a charger if you purchase a Pixel 7.

Ending Words

Google launched its new version with slight but classy changes. Pixel 7 starts from $599 and provides efficient performance. If you are using pixel 6, I don’t prefer you to upgrade your phone. But, if you want to shift from some other brand to Google, it would be worth it.

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