OLX App for Mobile: A Better Way to Sell and Buy Products Online

The world is opening up to new smartphone technology and apps that make life simple and easy. In the past few years, OLX.in has managed to improve their market base in India through better marketing campaigns and promotions that have allowed them to increase brand awareness. Today, OLX.in remains the top online classifieds site in India and has managed to attract many sellers and buyers that sell and buy products on the internet. The entire process of selling and buying on the internet has been revolutionized by OLX that offer a virtual platform to make transactions easier without charging them anything for the transaction. Now, OLX has decided to come up with their OLX app for mobile that will offer convenience and comfort to sell and buy directly through their smartphones.


In the past few years, OLX.in has gained better popularity and the overall compound annual growth rate has been around 653% which is a positive sign for the company. The brand awareness is four times more than Quickr and the site page has already crossed half a billion page views in the year 2013. OLX claims that around 100% of the content listing on the site comes from users that make use of the website and write their own posts. The company has also tried their best to come up with intriguing marketing TV ads and promotions on the internet allowing them to reach out to smaller town apart from targeting users in big metro cities.

OLX also realizes that there is a great demand for Android based devices in India and therefore they have come up with their new mobile app that is designed for any Android based device. OLX for Android makes the entire process simple and easy because OLX users do not have to search for local computer with an internet connection. With the launch of native apps, OLX has empowered the users to sell their products directly through their smartphones and mobile devices offering them the freedom to handle their selling and buying process even when they are moving around. These native apps take the selling and buying transaction experience to the next level as it comes with better features and simple interface that is easy to learn.

OLX is among the first companies in India to introduce the concept of mobile classifieds and this has helped the company to grow further in many ways. The company has seen their mobile traffic grow immensely as they believe that most of the sellers now post their ads directly through their smartphones and tablets. The new mobile app allows sellers to click pictures of the products that they want to sell and type in a brief summary along with price and contact information. Sellers also get the option to share their ads to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email allowing them to reach out to a larger audience. On the other hand, buyers also get the option to search for products that are in their locality which allows them to improve their buying experience.

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