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And finally, extending its realm “Google Now King” has moved forward to conquer the iPhone & iPad territory. Although it will not work as perfectly as it does on Android yet we are hope about its improvements.

What is Google Now?

Well, Google Now is an app which is very sensitive about you. It takes care of your movements on the internet. It registers where you surf, which app you use, what things you like, what you hate on the internet like which map, Gmail account or status etc you use. It analysis it all and make a sort of “memoir” for you which will suggest/guide you where your new appointment is now. It even figures out itself where you are standing at the moment and how far you are away from your destination then.


Taking help from your data it sorts out what you like to eat, when you sleep, what kind of movies you want to see, which place you like to visit and so on.

How it Helps?

“The Innovation of The Year Award” winner Google Now knows everything about you and ready to help you anytime. For instance, you were looking for a particular book, it will notice down and churns out the best results out of useless ones and when you go to it, it will tell you which book could be best for you and from where you could grab it.

Google Now on iPad & iPhone Apps

Google has recently established Google Now on iPhone and iPad too, by increasing it realm. It is hidden under Google Apps and as soon as you open it up, you find Google Now.

But the point to be made here is that there is a huge difference between Google Now, working on Android and iOS. Why? Since iOS is a newer plus foreigner system to Google Now while Android is its very own OS.

So the system is on its experimental stages on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, in Android it stays in the “Home” button while in iOS you will have to go to the app for opening it and there is no widget of Google Now either.

In terms of Google Now “cards” iPhone has missed some of them too. There is no Zillow Real Estate Card, airplane boarding pass card, Fandango movies pass card up till now but we are hopeful that these cards are going to arrive soon.
Although a little slow, but the transition has surely begun on iOS. Try it yourself by opening up your Google Now on iPhone and you will see your preferred team playing the finals or not, your stock exchange results, is it going to rain or not in the next few hours and so on—even without your telling I particularly.

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