How to Verify My Business on Google: 5 Essential Steps for Local Dominance

How to Verify My Business on Google

I bet you have wondered why some local businesses easily emerged at the top of Google search results. Well, it’s not that simple; Rather, it is due to their maintained Google Business listing. They have put their time into verifying their listing. Google Business is an amazing feature for all businesses. Google has mentioned that listings verified by Google have the potential to draw the attention of more customers. So let’s explore different ways, how to verify my business on Google.

Why is verifying GBP important?

A free Google business listing, AKA Google business profile, offers huge benefits than just occupying your business’s online presence. It increases your online visibility while enhancing the chances of showing your business at the peak of search displays and Google Maps.

 If it is well maintained, it assists customers to easily contact you via contact numbers or emails, etc. So if you want to maintain it properly, first you need to verify your account and give Google the correct information about your ownership.

Verifying your Google Business profile is essential to ensure that the listing is directly from the real owner. There is misguidance that we usually get from Facebook marketplace scams. A verified GBP gives you full control over your business data displayed on Google Search and Google Maps. With verification, we can edit business details, respond to my Google reviews, and check how engaging our new listing is. Now let’s learn how to verify my business on Google.

How to verify my business on Google?

The verification process of Google My Business ensures that the actual business can create and authorize the listing. To get your business verified on Google, you have to go through the Google verification process. The most common process is video verification. However, video verification is not the only method available; there are several other verification methods for Google businesses, which we will discuss individually. After your listing is verified, you can easily edit your details on Google.

The verification methods for Google My Business

How to verify my business on Google? Google will prompt you to verify your profile once you’ve created your listing. There are five methods available for verifying your Google My Business profile.

  1. Through Video verification
  2. Instant verification
  3. With the help of Postcard verification
  4. Via Phone call 
  5. Email verification

1- Instant verification

Instant verification is one of the rarest verifications. Consider yourself lucky if you get Such type of verification of your Google business profile. It is normally dependent on how many details Google already has about your business, for example, your NAP. Google already has such information from sources like other websites or reviews.

2- Video verifications 

If Google demands video verification, there are two ways:

  • One is by video recording
  • And the other is by live video call

1- Video Recording

In this process, you are asked to record the location of your business and ownership and then directly send that recording to Google for verification. The video content should have the following 

  • The correct area of your business
  • Proof of your management 
  • Business equipment

To be more valid you should try to add the exterior and the surroundings of your location as well. Additionally, for ownership evidence add a short clip of business documents.

Now you know what to do, so go to Business Profile on your phone click on the (Get Verified) and then start recording the video. After recording click on the (Stop recording) and then upload the video. It could take Google almost 5 days to review your video. It would be great if you get verified but do not need to fret if you don’t. You can try it again.

2- Video Call

In this process, you are asked for a video chat with a Google specialist. To begin, click on the (Get verified) option and then press Video Call. You will see the language option, select the language you prefer, and start the call. By doing this you will be connected to the text chat with a Google specialist who will then give you further instructions for joining a video call.

If your business has a physical workplace then during the video call, Google representatives might want to verify your workplace, documents logo, etc. It is similar to video recording but the video call is live.

After ending the call, google will verify your shared information and then send you a notification about your verification status However remember Google can take a few days to send the notification. Keep in mind that the video call option may not be accessible for all businesses or in every region. However, if you get this option, it can be a quick and efficient method to verify your business.

3- Verification through Postcards

How to verify my business on Google? well, Another way of verifying your GMB profile is by postcard. Here’s what you have to do:

  • First, get into your Google Business Profile.
  • Click on the location you intend to verify.
  • Select the “Verify Now” button.
  • Then enter the name of the mailing address.

After clicking the verify button, you will get different options for verification of your business. If you want postcard verification, then go with it and note down the mail address.

4- Verify your GBP via Phone

If it’s been quite some time and your listing is still unclaimed, you may have the option to verify it via a phone call. To get verification of your Google Business Profile via Phone or SMS here’s what to do:

  • Go to your Google Business Profile and click the “Get Verified” button.
  • Select the “Phone or SMS” method.
  • Ensure the provided phone number is accurate and that you’re available to answer calls or texts on it.
  • Google will directly call you or text you a special code.
  • Now write down that code on your Google Business Profile page.

Please remember that this verification method is only for some regions, such as the US and Canada.

5- Email verification

Personally, the process that I prefer is verification through Email. Some businesses do get lucky by verifying their listings via email. So if you see the “verify by email” option just click it, recheck your email, and press “Verify Now.” After that, Google will send an email with a verification code and active link. Go with that link, input the code, and then click Verify.

The process is the same as we discussed in the phone call verification.

Final Words

After learning how to verify my business on Google, there is more to do after your business is verified. Make sure your listing is completely optimized. After that, it will be visible in search results and chances will be likely to appear in the top search results. Moreover, you’ll gain access to various features, such as creating posts, viewing performance insights, and responding to customer reviews.

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