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Google Now On Your iPhone and iPad – Google Search Apps

And finally, extending its realm “Google Now King” has moved forward to conquer the iPhone & iPad territory. Although it will not...

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CES Awards

Best of CES Award Winners

These awards are not actually to gadgets but to people behind them. So CES 2013 Award function held this January from 7-10 to pick the best...

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Solar Technologies

10 Best Solar Chargers

Utility of solar chargers have increased today for charging different sorts of gadgets. They are portable generally. Solar charges have...

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Microsoft finally unveils new Xbox One

On May 21 of 2013, the Microsoft headquarters decided to finally introduce the release of the Xbox one. The Xbox’s prior release form was...

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Globel Issues & TechnologyGoogle

Google apps and Project Management

We all wish and want an easier life-a life that is easy to manage and organize. However with our busy schedules and tons of things to do,...

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Cyber Attacks and Security

Cyber security lobbying doubled

Security is the main concern of everyone and anyone living in the 21st century. As the world is progressing, and life is becoming easier...

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Latest Tecnology

QBrains-on with Muse, Interaxon’s mind control headset

While growing up, if you remember there was sequel made to a movie “Back to the Future”, and in that movie a kid whines about using his...

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Computers and Internet

Best Buy Option For HP364 Cartridge

The life of an ink cartridge is much shorter in an office environment than at home. Each printer has different specifications for the...

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Mobile Tech

Blackberry Security and Why You Might be at Risk

Cell phone theft is always a concern and continues to be a major problem. And, although smartphone hacking has been less predominant in the...

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