Zuta Labs Launches a Mini Robotic Printer

Buoyed by the crowdfunding success it experienced on Kickstarter, ZUtA Labs has developed a portable printer that will help users print photographs at any place. The device measures only four inches and is light enough to be carried around comfortably.

The ZUtA Robotic Printer can be connected to an app through which users can print out photographs saved on their smartphones. The ZUtA Robotic Printer is efficient at its job. It only takes a minute for it to produce a photograph.

According to Tuvia Elbaum, who founded ZUtA Labs and heads it as the CEO, the Robotic Printer provides great customer value because it makes it more convenient to print photos from a laptop or a smartphone, even when there is access to a conventional photo printer. A simple demonstration suffices to drive home the point that the Robotic Printer is a technological marvel.

One of the hurdles the product may face is the trend of minimizing photo printing to save paper and energy. However, the senior management at ZUtA Labs believes there are other applications where the Robotic Printer can prove to be very useful, such as in the printing of product labels, concert and movie tickets, as well as photographs. The popularity of the device will increase once developers start creating apps that work with the printer and use its features. For instance, game apps as well as apps that offer photography tutorials can be developed for the Robotic Printer. For now, the device can work with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

The Robotic Printer is powered by a battery that runs for one hour on charge. A micro USB can be used to recharge the battery. At the moment, the cartridge only produces black-and-white printouts, but the company plans to develop color cartridges in the future. A single cartridge produces 100 pages. ZUtA Labs plans to launch the Robotic Printer in December 2016 at a price of $299, with Kickstarter contributors able to get it for only $199.

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