Spiers New Technologies: Exploring The Heart Of EV Battery Services

Spiers New Technologies

Spiers New Technologies, aka (SNT) is a well-known company that offers advanced batteries for hybrids and EVs like the Hyundai Electric Car. They assist their customers with the optimization of their battery pack resources by offering them suitable services such as the 4R approach”: repair, remanufacturing, refurbishment, and repurposing.

They are experts in managing batteries, like fixing them, verifying the factors affecting their efficiency, and also providing recycling services.

Spiers New Technologies Headquarters

Spiers’s new technologies headquarters are based in the city of Oklahoma. They are special at fixing and making old batteries like new ones. Additionally, they also enhance the efficiency and life of expensive batteries that work in electric and hybrid vehicles.SNT is one of the companies that first figured out how to check and improve the damaged batteries when these are replaced under warranty. Then utilize these batteries for other purposes.

Founder Of Spiers New Technologies

The founder and current CEO of Spiers New Technologies is Dirk Spiers. He is the leader in resolving, updating, and stimulating advanced EV battery packs. He is also in charge of recycling batteries. Because of his passion, SNT has received the award of Best General Motors’ Suppliers 2021, along with Overdrive. Dirk Spiers is good at reforging things, for example, batteries, solar, and wind stuff.

What SNT Is Offering?

SNT is a trustworthy supplier for many car brands in the US because they are good at expanding the life of the batteries and minimizing the price of recycling them. Additionally, they also offer services to track the complete life circle of the batteries. For example, supervising how to transport and store batteries.

Centralizing EV Battery Management

By centralizing the electric vehicle’s battery supervision, SNT gives the complete solution to the client by optimizing their battery assets and making them more efficient. So they enclose special tools to manifest battery health.

Additionally, they offer the following services as well:

  1. Repair
  2. Remanufacturing
  3. Refurbishing
  4. Repurposing of electric and hybrid vehicle battery packs

The worldwide chance to use batteries throughout their life cycle.

SNT believes with time, they will be able to show significant global opportunities in the battery lifecycle. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, they use 100 GWh of battery power. But in the future, it will require more battery power, so SNT is aiming to make batteries with up to 2,000 GWh of battery power.

Exclusive Battery Grading Algorithms

SNT utilizes a unique algorithm to assess batteries, accompanied by smart technology. Their data-driven methods help them to manage all the processes of post-production logistics and the second-life management of vehicle battery packs. Furthermore, regarding battery management, they use ALFRED, which is their in-house web application set up on PHP/MySQL.This app combines, arranges, and evaluates the data about batteries.

Other Technology That SNT Uses

Spiers New Technologies utilizes many known technologies to improve its performance. These include:

1- jsDelivr

It is CDNservices that assists in carrying the javascript libraries and other web assets smoothly to the user globally.

2- reCAPTCHA v2.0

It is a service that is offered by Google to secure websites from spam and viruses by verifying that users are humans through a simple checkbox, or sometimes it uses an interactive puzzle.

3- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

We can say it is an entire business supervision solution that assists companies in overseeing finances, sales, service, and operations.

Spiers New Technologies’ Competitors

There are many companies, like Spiers New Technologies, that offer the same services as SNT does. These companies are:

  • Fisker
  • Solaranna
  • The PowerStore Inc
  • Innovusion
  • Blue Current Inc.


Similar to SNT, Fisker also operates in the tech industry. They aim to make innovative solutions and products for auto brands.


They make sustainable, power reserving and systems for off-grid, along with mico grid setups.

Solaranna has a good customer rating because their employees are well-experienced in the field of Solar PV, battery reserve, and sustainable heating power.


Innovusion particularizes in advanced tech for autonomous vehicles, especially in the area of LiDAR. LiDAR is the technology that is employed in autonomous vehicles to observe and recognize the surrounding environment. This assists the car in going around smoothly.

Blue Current Inc

Blue Current Company specializes in making special batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), well not just for EVs but also for other devices. Their batteries are popular as silicon elastic composite solid-state batteries. Their batteries are quite unique because they utilize special mediums and tech to reserve energy.

Different Branches Of Spiers New Technologies

From Spiers New Technologies, Inc.

Spiers New Technologies Oklahoma City: It is located in Oklahoma City.

Complete Address: 1500 SE 89th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73149, United States.

With SNT services, many car brands are making their car batteries long-lasting and more valuable.

Ede, Gelderland

Spiers New Technologies has also started its other branch in Ede, Gelderland. In this location, they also offer battery repair and recovery services to automotive brands, particularly for European electric vehicle retail.

Spiers New Technologies B.V

Another branch is Spiers New Technologies B.V. There, they also operate in battery and storage production areas. This branch was opened in 2018 in the area of Celsiusstraat 44, 6716 BZ, Ede.


When was Spiers New Technologies founded?

It was created in the year of 2015 with a vision to bring evolution to the tech industry. From the very beginning of its establishment, SNT aims to drive the boundaries of tech and offer cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

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Where is the SNT headquarters?

Spiers New Technologies’ main headquarters are established in the city of Oklahoma. Therefore, to meet the SNT head or other workers, you can go to the location of STN at 1500 SE 89th Street.

Is Cox Automotive also known as Spider’s New Technologies?

In the year 2021– in September, SNT Company was brought by Cox Automotive. So in this way, they expanded their electric vehicle battery service network globally. When Cox Automotive brought SNT, they made the statement that they would expand their services to different areas, such as Belleville, Michigan, and Spiers New Technologies Las Vegas.

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