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Mobile Tech

Eye-Fi offers the X2U to facilitate use of X2 SD cards

According to a recent announcement made by Eye-Fi in July, customer support for the X2 Wi-Fi SD cards will no longer be available September...

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Autos TechFeaturedGadgets

UK Customers Soon to Receive Deliveries by Self-driving Robots

With the advent of self-diving cars, robots that could drive on their own were never far behind. Thanks to an innovative Estonian company...

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The Apple iPhone 7 Continues to Move Smartphones Into the Future

Apple has always been on the edge of innovation with its mobile technology, and the much anticipated iPhone 7 lives up to the Apple brand....

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Latest Tecnology

Top Tools for Taking Better Selfies

“Selfie” officially made it into the dictionary a couple of years ago. People have long taken photos of themselves, but perhaps...

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Wearable Tech

How Technology Is Bringing Construction Into the Future

Pixabay People don’t often associate construction sites with innovative technological advances. There seems to be this widespread idea...

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Latest Tecnology

3 Awesome Technologies We Just Can’t Live Without!

Today, I thought I’d talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while. What technology can we not live without? What things do...

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Media Technology

How To Stay In Contact With No Phone Access

Just last week, I broke the sim card in my phone. Suddenly, I was left without phone access. I was due an upgrade on my contract, so I...

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Computers and Internet

Has the Traditional PC Had Its Day?

The first quarter of 2013 was a grim one for the PC. Business Wire reported thatthe shipment of PCs worldwide totalled about 76.3 million...

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Health & Technology

10 Health Fitness Gadgets for 2015

A year prior, we visually perceived the amendment of sundry incipient wellbeing trackers, offering moving levels of taking after data and...

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