Tracking Time By Saying: Hey Siri What Time Is It?

hey siri what time is it

You may now analyze your work time using your voice. It is made feasible with the updated iOS app for TimeTac and Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. Furthermore, you may create automation using iOS shortcuts, such as having time recording begin as you go into the workplace. You can also track the time by saying: Hey Siri, what time it is right now. Sounds good, right? Stick to the end.

What Is SIRI?

In 2010, the iPhone first featured the digital companion Siri. It is now a crucial part of the world of Apple and can be found on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone Watch, Apple Television, as well as Laptops.

Siri is capable of a variety of functions, like initiating messages via text and setting alarms. Siri also becomes more intelligent and powerful with each subsequent device generation. The digital assistant on the gadget is activated by saying “Hey Siri” like a Hey Siri, what time is it clock?

You can then ask questions, make requests, or provide instructions after that. Siri’s voice recognition technology enables it to comprehend what you are saying, regardless of your accent or the ambient noise around you.

How Does SIRI Operate?

Siri interprets both spoken and written instructions and carries out requested actions on the part of the user using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that combines machine learning and automated language processing methods. Siri answers right away and completes a variety of activities for customers. You may enable Siri on your iPhone by performing these quick steps:

  • Keep holding down the home button.
  • To activate Siri on your iPhone, say “Hey Siri” or “Hello Siri.”
  • Wait for the audio to be recorded by the gadget and sent to Apple’s data centers for evaluation.
  • Following the message’s processing and interpretation, the proper answer or reason for action is taken.

Machine learning methods and sophisticated algorithms are used to analyze and comprehend how the user speaks or text messages or instructions.

Simple texting to more complicated actions like taking images, playing music, placing calls, or setting a reminder are all examples of such phone functions.

As soon as Siri understands your request, it passes the information to the proper application or service, causing your device to begin doing a task on your behalf.

How Do I Setup SIRI?

Make sure your device supports Siri before talking about the initial configuration procedure. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, it should work.

When you first powered on and configured your iPhone, there was an option to set up Siri. However, you could easily continue up right where you stopped out if you missed that section.

  • To enable Hey Siri:
  • Just go to Settings > Siri and search on your iPhone.
  • Turn on the “Hey Siri” search feature.
  • There will be a “Hey Siri” setup prompt. Choose Continue.
  • Read the Siri instructions that show on the screen. This will enable Siri to become accustomed to your voice.
  • Hit Done.

How Can I Make SIRI Discover My Voice?

The steps listed below can be used to teach Siri to understand your voice:

  • Select the iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Toggle “Siri & Search.”
  • Select “Hey Siri” from the “Ask Siri” section by scrolling down and tapping it.
  • Setup the “Listen for Hey Siri”
  • Make Siri aware of your voice by following the instructions.
  • As part of Siri’s speech recognition training, you will be required to speak a number of phrases.
  • You can save your settings by tapping “Done” after the voice training phase is finished.

How Can SIRI Track My Time?

The voice commands “do duties,” “get it completed,” and “all the time I’m rushing” are all suitable choices for a personalized speech request to access your shortcut. Give your ideas wide rein. None of the beats telling your phone “time to get done” at the beginning of an appointment.

You can easily make Siri shortcuts to do actions like starting and stopping them by using the Timing API with iOS 12 or earlier. The quick links will require you for an API key on setup, which you can create in the web app’s “API Keys” section.

  • Navigate to API Keys in the Timing Web App and click the link for Start Timing Task.
  • Click Get Shortcut.
  • Select Get Shortcut twice if needed.
  • Enter your API key in the text box by tapping it.
  • On the API Keys page, you can produce an API Key by clicking the Create New Key option.
  • Insert your API Key here.
  • In the Shortcuts application, select Start Timing Task, type the task’s title, and then click OK.
  • The new assignment will be acknowledged as having begun by the Shortcuts app.

How Can Voice Instructions And Tricks Be Used To Track Time?

Mobile time tracking isn’t just helpful whether you’re on the go or working from residence. NFC time tracking, the ability to identify time inquiries, and now, for iOS, monitoring time using speaking and predefined shortcuts are all conceivable uses for time tracking with a phone.

In addition to giving tech-savvy individuals a fun way to record their time, time recording with voice and brief orders also supports those who have impairments and makes time monitoring more easily remembered. You have not used the TimeTac app.

It’s finally time, then! On the app store, the application is permitted to be obtained. Please be aware that using the mobile timekeeper requires permission from your company’s TimeTac manager.

How To Fix If Hey SIRI Voice Does Not Respond To Commands?

Make certain that both “Listen for Hey Siri” and “Allow Siri When Locked” are activated in the Settings app’s Ask Siri section. Verify that “Search, Suggestions, and Shortcuts,” “Allow on Lock Screen,” and “Use with Siri” are all turned on from the Siri & Search main screen, as well as scroll down and hit “MyNetDiary” from the suggested list of programs.

It is very easy to overlook the correct shorthand phrase. The precise shortcut word you recorded may be verified by navigating to MyNetDiary’s Settings / Siri page, pressing Siri Shortcuts, and then tapping each shortcut to view the phrase. Simply press “Re-record Phrase” if the phrase you choose proves to be difficult for Siri to comprehend or for you to recall.


It is indisputable how convenient it is to ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what time is it?” This autonomous method not only preserves our precious moments but also fits in perfectly with our contemporary lifestyles. It serves as a straightforward but potent example of how technology is enhancing regular tasks. Further, Watch the below video for Hey Siri; what time is it?

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