What Is SOS And How To Turn Off Emergency SOS Once Activated?

how to turn off emergency sos once activated

What if you simply observe “SOS” or “SOS only” on the notification bar? Your iPhone’s usual operation is therefore inaccessible. If you have an iPhone you may link through satellite and continue to call rescue agencies like 911. In this post, we will go through the justifications for and instructions for how to turn off emergency SOS once activated.

You can utilize Wi-Fi in addition if you have access to it. Traveling to a location with better connectivity is the most reliable solution to this issue. You have a couple of options if those within have an alert but you’re still getting the SOS warning.

What Does “SOS Only” Mean On An iPhone?

Select “cellular” under “settings.” Turn off mobile data approximately 10 seconds after arriving, then turn it back on. Check to see if data roaming has been turned on if you’re on a trip.

You can take out the conventional SIM card from the device if it doesn’t have an eSIM and examine it for harm before replacing it if everything is okay. Rebooting your iPhone is the ultimate choice.

Why Is It Necessary To Turn Off iPhone SOS?

You may be familiar with the SOS function on iPhones, which enables you to rapidly contact for assistance in an emergency.

While in some circumstances this function can save your life, it can also be a pain if you mistakenly activate it or if it activates when you don’t require it.

You might wish to disable SOS on your iPhone for the following results:

  • You have to turn off the iPhone’s SOS function if you notice that you frequently activate false alarms.
  • If you hold down the side and the volume button while using your iPhone, it will instantly ask for emergency services. You might wish to disable the option if you don’t want to run the danger of unintentionally phoning emergency services.
  • You may switch off the alarm function if you discover that the side button on your iPhone is overly sensitive and frequently activates the functionality to get control for other purposes.

How Does Emergency SOS Work?

Each time you utilize Emergency SOS to make a call, your iPhone hits the local 911 line. You’ll probably need to specify the type of assistance needed in particular countries and regions. For example, you can choose a US fire, police, or ambulance service.

One more alternative is to have numbers for emergencies. When a 911 call ends, your iPhone SMS to the 911 contact list until you tell it not to, at which point it stops.

They get updates from your iPhone about what is happening, and for a few periods, after you turn on the SOS feature, they also get notifications when your location changes.

What Are The Ways To Turn Off Emergency SOS on iPhone 13/14?

There are three different ways to turn off emergency SOS on iPhone 13/14. These are given below:

The Simple Way:

You may quickly disable the iPhone’s Emergency SOS function if you believe it to be more hassle than beneficial. Take the following easy actions:

  • Open Settings > Tap Emergency SOS > Disable Autocall.

If you do this, your iPhone won’t immediately notify 911 if you quickly tap the side button 5 times.

If you don’t wish for the Emergency SOS option to activate accidentally when you’re attempting to power off your iPhone or capture a screenshot, you can switch off the Call with Side Button feature.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that regardless of whether you disable Auto Call, you can still independently activate the Emergency SOS feature by scrolling right on the screen that displays the lock and hitting the Emergency SOS icon.

You can change your settings to fit your needs and taste now that you understand how to disable SOS on your iPhone.

Use The Control Centre:

Control Center can also be used to disable SOS if you decide not to use the Settings app. As follows:

  • Control Center can be accessed by swiping downward from the top-right area of the display.
  • Keep down the Emergency SOS button while pressing it till the slider for Emergency SOS displays.
  • To switch off the Emergency SOS feature, move the knob to the left.

It’s simple to disable the SOS option on your iPhone, which will assist in stopping any erroneous calls to 911.

The option, meanwhile, can be a useful tool in a genuine emergency, so be careful to consider the benefits and drawbacks before opting to turn it off.

Use Siri:

You may also use Siri to turn off SOS on your iPhone if you favor speaking orders. This is how:

  • Siri can be called up by either saying “Hey Siri” or clicking and holding the Side button.
  • Declare “Disable Emergency SOS” or “Turn off Emergency SOS.”
  • When Emergency SOS has been switched off, Siri will indicate it.

It’s crucial to remember that turning off Emergency SOS on your iPhone prevents you from using it in an emergency.

Therefore, before switching it off, be confident that you’re okay with performing it.

Furthermore, you are able to contact emergency services immediately by dialing 911 or the emergency number in your area if you find yourself in a position where you require their assistance.

How to Turn Off Emergency SOS on iPhone Once Activated?

When you possess an older iPhone, you can disconnect the controls if you mistakenly start a call by pressing the side key along with the speaker icons.

You have the option to end the call if it has already started. After tapping the customary red “End Call” button, verify. This might or might not be the wisest course of action.

Emergency personnel might arrive at your area if the call was placed to 911 and you don’t answer. It might be preferable to interact with the person in charge and describe the circumstance.

Bottom Line:

In an emergency, keep in mind that the Emergency SOS option might save your life. Turn it off is a simple and quick operation, though, if you frequently activate it by accident or just don’t need to employ it. Just be sure you understand how to turn it on in case you require it again in the future.


What if the iPhone is stuck on emergency SOS?

System errors that resulted in the iPhone getting stuck in emergency mode could be resolved with a quick reboot.

Why is my phone stuck in SOS mode?

Most commonly it happens when you unintentionally press any button.

How to turn off emergency SOS Android?

Go to the phone’s Settings app > Click on Settings icon > Choose Turn off Emergency SOS.

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