What Is Emergency SOS iPhone And Its Function?

Emergency SOS iPhone

What is emergency SOS on iPhone? People involved in any emergency condition can use the iPhone emergency SOS service. In the worst situation, they can call or alert their contacts. When you use emergency SOS on an iPhone, your iPhone immediately calls the regional emergency contact. You may select the service that you want. For instant in the US, you can opt between police, fire brigade, or ambulance.

You can also adjust contacts with emergency SOS services on your iPhone. When an emergency call ends, your iPhone alerts your immediate contacts with text unless you choose to end it When you enter SOS mode on your iPhone, your emergency contacts receive updates about your location. In this article, we’ll describe what is emergency SOS on iPhone. It’s working and services. So, please keep reading to know in depth about it.

Emergency SOS Service On iPhone

For iPhone 8

  • Press your iPhone’s power and volume button. Hold it in the same position until a slide bar for emergency calls appears.
  • You can do two things; keep holding the buttons or slide the bar. If you slide the bar, the emergency call will start. If you continue to press the buttons, a countdown with an alert sound will start, and the call will begin automatically at the end of the countdown.

For iPhone 7

  • Press the side button continuously five times. A slider of the emergency call will appear after the pressing.
  • Slide this bar to make an immediate call.

In the case of the iPhone 14, this service will help you by using satellite signals.

Working Process

After making the emergency call from your iPhone, it will automatically dial the local emergency number. Different countries provide different options for help, like making a call to the police, an ambulance, or any of your contact as an alert.

You can add the emergency call numbers of your choice. When the call ends, an alert will be sent with a text message to your emergency number. The alert will not stop until you want to cancel it. The message will send your location to your emergency contact number.

How To Add Or Remove Contacts From The Emergency List

After knowing the quick SOS on iPhone and how it works, you must know about emergency contacts. You can add the contact numbers to use in an emergency. First, we’ll tell you how you can add the contact.

The health app is the source from where you can add your list of emergency contacts.

  • Press the Medical ID tab in the health app that you have on your iPhone.
  • Now press the edit option and scroll down the page.
  • Add your contact by tapping on the green circle that has a  plus symbol at the bottom.
  • Tap the emergency contact you want to add. Also, mention your relationship with the contact.
  • Press the done option, and your emergency contact is now saved.

Similarly, you can remove unwanted contacts by following these steps.

  • Open your health application and press the Medical ID tab.
  • Press the edit and scroll down to the emergency contacts.
  • Now tap on the red circle having a negative sign next to the contact to remove it.
  • Now press the done option, and your contact is deleted.

Emergency SOS on iPhone 14 with Satellite?

Starlink satellites work as orbiting cell towers, permitting pro customers to send immediate emergency SMS when needed.

Before Apple announces its satellite-friendly iPhones,  Hiroshi Lockheimer (Google senior vice president) also confirmed that a future version of Android will support similar features as well Meaning Satellite connectivity has come into the trend for mobile software providers and carriers. If you are stuck in any area that does not has a wife or mobile data then you can send the emergency text with satellite on iPhone 14.

Emergency SOS on iPhone 14 with satellite service works by many satellites in low Earth orbit, which is whirling around the earth at about 15,000 miles per hour.

The satellite emergency SOS on iPhone is only currently just available to iPhone 14 users in the United States and Canada, but apple company has promised it will be available in other countries soon including  Ireland, the UK, and France.

You need a comprehensive and, clear view of the sky, Since those satellites are moving around the earth at high speeds, you will also sometimes need to point your iPhone at different parts of the sky to send or get satellite emergency SMS, Moreover the guides the user on the position where to put your iPhone to send the message.

To send or get the message with satellite emergency SOS on iPhone 14 you have to wait a bit longer than usual. Normally messages take a few seconds to receive or send but if you are sending through satellite it can take up to a few minutes to be sent or received.


 According to Sheriff Kevin Rambosk

“Private companies like Apple investing in emergency technologies like SOS satellite can help improve public services He thinks Apple’s SOS feature could assist his sector to receive more information from people lost in the Everglades or stranded after a storm.”

Emergency SOS service is the best setup by the iPhone models to get help if you are stuck anywhere. Now you know about Quick SOS on an iPhone; you can use it if you are an iPhone user.

We hope you have gotten all the information on emergency SOS on your iPhone.


Emergency SOS on iPhone and can I Use it with Satellite?

If you are using iPhone 14 then you have the facility to use emergency SOS on an iPhone with satellite. You don’t have to use data or wifi to use.

Emergency SOS on 14 is used to contact emergency services everywhere from natural collapses and safari adventures to minor misadventures nowhere to the signal towers.

iPhone 14 emergency SOS features allow people to feel safe whenever stuck in such a situation.

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