How To Start Gaming: The Beginner’s Guide

the beginner's guide

The gaming community is thriving right now, and it’s only expected to see more growth, which means there are going to be plenty of new players entering the space in the coming years. Therefore, we’ve put together this short beginner’s guide to help you on your way; continue reading to find out more.

Choose Your First Games

There are countless game genres and platforms to play on, which is why you need to make some decisions before diving in to buy a console. The games you play will help you decide which device to buy. For example, if all of the games you want to play are computer games, there’s no point in purchasing a PlayStation. Here are some excellent games that are perfect for any newbie:

  • Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing graces the Nintendo Switch platform with a relaxing game of digging up items and creating an island town. Initially, the game was invented for busy Japanese people to relax. However, the West plays this game repeatedly and even changes the device date to play more than once a day.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The Call of Duty community is one of the largest in the gaming industry, and fans of the combating franchise consistently wait for new content. The controls are simple and there will always be a game to join online.
  • Fall Guys. Fall Guys is a fun “king of the hill” game that’s based on Total Wipeout. You can get this game on any platform, which makes it a top choice for newbs.

These games offer a microscopic snapshot of the games to play, but they give any beginner a great place to start. Here is the beginner’s guide for the newbie.

Computer or Console

Now you’re ready to get your hands on a gaming device. You will find an enormous range of gaming devices, but choosing a PC is our recommendation because there will likely already be one in your home, which means you can save yourself some money. To make your computer work for gaming, you should get yourself one of these Lenovo Gaming PC Desks and a comfy chair to go with it.

If a gaming computer isn’t looking like the right choice for you, there are several consoles you can choose from, including Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, which are both in their “next-gen” iterations. However, the problem with choosing a console is that it’ll be outdated in a few years, and the upgrade will be expensive. Whereas, with a computer, you can easily upgrade obsolete parts.

Additional Tech

The beginner’s guide helps you to choose the right console or game to start your journey. The beginner’s guide helps you to choose the right console or game to start your journey. Your chosen device is only the start of your gaming journey, as there are plenty of peripherals that will improve your game time. For example, playing online as a team requires decent headphones and a mic. Furthermore, you can plug a controller into a PC to make particular games easier to play.

Entering the gaming world can be overwhelming, especially when there’s already a large community out there. Knowing which types of games to play will help you choose the right tech, which means all you need to do is enjoy yourself.

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