Next Generation of Xbox is going to Announced on May 21

Today the Gaming sector is on its peak, every one is crazy about the games. Xbox technique made it so crazier and hot. Today people like to play games online by using Xbox.

Who does not like Xbox?

Who does not like playing ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Assassin’s creed’ on a good game console? Probably no one or hardly anyone does. From 13 year old kids to adults in their mid 30’s, everyone enjoys the Xbox games. Xbox is such brilliant video game console that it never gets old. Yes, there have been slight new changes that are always made to it. The video game first came into existence in the year 2001 and from then onwards the popularity and demand for this game console has always been going up.


However the game was discontinued in the year 2005 when the sales seemed to be quite bad. But Xbox has never let its fans down and always struck back with a better and more creative version like the Xbox 360 and Xbox live.

Xbox Saga Continues

And now, Microsoft is again planning to announce the next generation of the X box. They were originally planning to do that in April, however they decided against it.

Some solid sources have confirmed certain things about the event- for example; the event will be quaint and at a rather small venue. Over there, all kinds of features will be covered-from the smallest of the details. However the controversy about the internet always being on, in the new Xbox version is still there. It seems that Microsoft has strictly told its employees to be all ‘hush hush’ over the upcoming announcement and adhere to the confidentiality.

Microsoft, Xbox and the Agenda

Microsoft has also recently revealed that there will be a complete full unveiling of the next Xbox will happen at the end of May and it went further on and declared that Xbox is basically part of an agenda. The agenda being the Build conference, which will be happening, end of June.

In this conference the inquisitive and interested developers will be learn about the future plans of the company regarding the next generation. The possibility of the new, unreleased Xbox could be that it might have Windows 8. This seems like Microsoft’s strategy by putting Windows at the core of all their products.

It seems like Microsoft has a lot going on; with an Xbox event in late May, and with a Build Conference in June, it may be the busiest of summers that Microsoft probably ever had. Even for the Xbox fans, there is a lot to look out for.

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