10 Tips For the Parents of Video Gamers

Is your little angel a video gamer? Smell a rat as most games are not suitable for them.
Scan these top ten tips about video games and shun the chances of bad gaming effects on your innocent children.

1.  Check Out The Rating

Did you know games have ratings these days, like EC, M, E, E+ 10, T, and AO? Now it is your duty to verify the game’s rating before letting your little punk to play it.  Do not allow them to play M (Mature) or AO (Adults Only) rated games.

2.  Take “ESRB” Help

Dr. Olson says,
“The age-based rating alone may not give parents enough information on whether a game is suitable for a particular teen,”


Which means do not comply only on the rating system but also scrutinize the game’s description as well. Take ESRB assistance for it. Parents should rent the game (and watch their kitten’s reaction) or the best idea is to play it with them at first.

3.  Supervise Them

You know the latest gaming consoles have parental controls now that enable you to narrow down the gaming choices for your little ones. Researches show that the school-going children are more into playing inappropriate games in their bed rooms. Therefore, there should be a special (general) room dedicated for video gaming in your house.

4.  Discuss The Game

Discuss the game with your little tike, give them time; show interest in their gaming activates. it would unconsciously, alert them about what to play and what not to.

5.  Make Some Rules

There are rules for everything, bring up your child while following some simple rules about gaming for instance, not to over-use gaming consoles, play game only once in a day and play only those games that are less violent.

6.  Is Gaming Hindering Child’s Social Interaction?

If gaming is keeping away your kiddo from social interactions then beware! It is a sign of social isolation.
Felissa Goldstein, a child’s psychiatrist says,
“Social isolation evolves from too much solo video game playing,”
It means the child needs some serious attention now.

7.  Widen Your Horizon

You must learn to widen your own horizon, bring forth several replicas for video gaming for your young ones’ interest. Find more alternates for it and teach them to enjoy.

8.  Do Not Get Angry

Do not get angry if you find them using violent games; rather deal with them the other way round.

9.  Shop Yourself

Always shop video games yourself for them or at least, tell your opinion about it.

10.  Feel the Responsibility

Last but not least, the major responsibility lies on you, as a parent; feel it and save your children from the bad impacts of video games.

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