New BlackBerry 5G Release Date, Price, Specifications

BlackBerry 5G Release Date

The iconic brand in the world of high-end smartphones, BlackBerry, is out of its grave. It is alive yet again to disrupt the whole smartphone industry with its quirky yet elegant smartphones. BlackBerry is famous for its bold phones. They don’t care about the competition, they always come up with something people like and love, and the new BlackBerry 5G 2022 is another addition to its lineup. The new BlackBerry 5g release date is just around the corner, and its audience is curious about what they will see out of the box.

Some Fast Facts About Blackberry 5G Release Date

Blackberry 5G 2022 has a very strong track record over the years. It has been in the pipeline for quite some time. Also, there are countless fans waiting for its official release in the market.

In 2021, a new BlackBerry phone was expected to go on sale. But such a phone never emerged, and the chance of its release lately has gone from minimal to nonexistent.

Consumer tech discussions frequently revisit BlackBerry’s ups and downs. This is true particularly in light of the brand’s second ups and downs in the past three years.

Rise And Fall Of BlackBerry

The physical keyboard and tough architecture of BlackBerry were once the business-oriented monarchs of phones. It was in the middle of the 2000s. However, it couldn’t withstand the assault of the iPhone and the ascent of Android. These two really revolutionized the world of mobile phones.

BlackBerry produced just one Android phone, the Port, in 2015 before quitting the industry. TCL acquired the rights to make BlackBerry-branded phones. Then, we saw the debut of the KeyOne in 2017 and the even better Key2 in 2018.

The cooperation produced a few other phones. However, on August 31, 2020, TCL ceased providing software updates for these devices, and the relationship ended. It was indeed a tragedy, for a great number of customers and clients really became sad.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when US company OnwardMobility scooped it up in its place. It did so concurrently with TCL giving up its license. OnwardMobility announced plans to release a 5G-capable BlackBerry handset with a physical keyboard in 2021. It really sounds like a nightingale in the wilderness.

When Is The New BlackBerry 5G Release Date?

Going past everything, let’s talk 2022. According to some sources, a new BlackBerry Android phone was initially expected to launch in “the first quarter of 2021.” Still, a year after that initial timeframe, no Blackberry had appeared.

BlackBerry 5G
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Later in July 2021, the firm unveiled its “Pre-Commitment Program,” which gave customers and business partners a way to contribute feedback on the creation of the first BlackBerry 5G and the chance to pre-order the device before it was officially released.

Although the program’s registration website didn’t provide more details on when the phone will be available for purchase.

The Role Of OnwardMobility In BlackBerry 5G Release Date

Onward Mobility’s development of their product was already going on back then. However, complete design research or specifications and features were not yet set. Nevertheless, it did offer some details and updates on their progress.

Focus rapidly returned to OnwardMobility and the seeming total silence the firm had gone into after mid-2021, leaving supporters in the air about the development of its first product and when to anticipate it as older BlackBerry devices permanently lost software updates on January 4, 2022.

Nevertheless, a day afterward (January 6), a new blog entry with the subject “Contrary to popular opinion, we are not extinct” surfaced on OnwardMobility’s blog in response to the growing interest from the media and BlackBerry fans.

OnwardMobility said in the article that there had been no direct contact with the audience. However, it promised to start doing so this month. It will be with the “latest information that will explain and address any of your queries”. Also, it will be about the progress of its first product.

The article’s first sentence noted, “2021 was truly a tough year to introduce a new smartphone, far less one with the high hopes we set and the reality that we want to do it right,” in reference to the post’s prolonged quiet.

How Much Would The New BlackBerry 5G Cost?

Apart from the release date of the new BlackBerry 5G phone, let’s talk about whether you would be able to afford it or not. But remember, the charm it gives is just matchless.

Even if OnwardMobility’s goals might be late, we may still conclude them to calculate the price of what might have been. Due to the likelihood that OnwardMobility would have sold fewer units than the usual manufacturer, the cost for the first BlackBerry 5G was likely to be very expensive, maybe around the £800/US$800 level.

Compared to rival devices, TCL’s BlackBerry flip phones were often more costly than the specs justified, and this didn’t appear to improve with OnwardMobility’s ‘Berry. It kept on like that and would perhaps carry on for many years to come.

What Specs Can You Expect In The New BlackBerry 5G Phone?

OnwardMobility claimed that their next BlackBerry would include a physical keyboard and 5G network support.

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Despite the reality that the phone would run on Android, these are essentially the only two specifications publicly famous. In addition to licensing the BlackBerry brand, OnwardMobility was sure to collaborate with FIH Mobile Limited, a Foxconn affiliate, to create the smartphone.

The sole sentence in the first release that pointed to the phone’s specifications said that “a reliable, feature-rich 5G-ready phone that boosts productivity is essential.” Although it’s still a bit hazy, BlackBerry – the corporation – was probably present on the software side, just like it was with TCL’s phones.

New BlackBerry 5G Wishlist Including Its Release Date

Considering the price and hype of the new BlackBerry 5G release date, here are all the features the audience anticipates that would do justice to both the hype and the brand’s name:

A High Refresh Rate Display

All the previous releases of Blackberry weren’t with a good display. However, the new BlackBerry will likely come with a high refresh rate, probably 120 Hz. It will be a wonderful idea for the blackberry fans.

Good Cameras

Good Cameras
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As the new BlackBerry 5G smartphone is to rival some flagship phones, you may expect it to come with ground-breaking cameras. BlackBerry has always been innovative with cameras and is likely to carry its legacy.

Fast Charging And A Big Battery

Fast charging and big batteries have been a norm in the budget series smartphone, and the flagships are just killing it. Therefore, Blackberry is also likely to match the trend considering the price brackets they fall in.

A Responsive Keyboard

Since the news of the New BlackBerry 5G release date, people got to know that it is coming with a keyboard. As there is no phone on the planet with a keyboard, everybody has gotten rid of it. BlackBerry is sure to do something different with their keyboard to take back people into the Nostalgia. Hopefully, it will do the trick very impressively.

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