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blackberry slider phone

BlackBerry is a defunct mobile device and service brand created in January 1999 by BlackBerry Limited, a Canadian business.

In 2016, BlackBerry Limited began granting licenses to other firms to develop and sell BlackBerry-branded devices.

BlackBerry was one of the most well-known smartphone manufacturers, renowned for its handsets’ keyboards and its focus on secure communications and mobile productivity. As of its high in September of 2013, the number of blackberry smartphone slider users around the globe was 85 million. But owing to the popularity of Android and iOS, BlackBerry’s market share has eroded, dropping from 33 million in March 2016 to 23 million in March 2017 and then to 11 million in May 2017.

Features Of An Upcoming Blackberry

Android Slider Phone

BlackBerry first introduced Android-based smartphones in 2015. The BlackBerry Priv slider is the first blackberry slider phone. The new Blackberry slider‘s keyboard swings out from under the main screen. Considering its length and width, but not its thickness, this phone seems to be rather sturdy. From 2007 to 2013, BlackBerry Ltd produced a line of smartphones under the brand name BlackBerry Curve, aimed at business users. The Blackberry Curve 9360 is a blackberry curve slider phone.

This approach “redistributes innovation” by taking the BlackBerry PassPort’s three-row keyboard and applying it to a new device. It’s sleek, gets the job done, supports BBM, and has all the nifty productivity tools you could want.

It retains several archaic characteristics, such as

  • It has a prominent chin (home to the logo) and a broad forehead (apparently devoid of a selfie camera). Even more disturbing to the ordinary user is the fact that there is a white version that lights in the dark.
  • The keyboard’s business features are well-separated and easy to use. It has a massive and quick-charge secondary battery beneath the keyboard.
  • It helps distribute the device’s weight evenly, and the display is said to be somewhere between the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30.
  • The user interface is reminiscent of BlackBerry 10 OS, yet it has a feel similar to Windows Phone.

You won’t believe how beautifully this idea has aged over the last several years: it’s been around for roughly five years, but all it’s missing is a cut bezel and an in-screen camera. The Blackberry Priv, a 4G blackberry slider phone, is the best blackberry phone slider you’ll find anywhere online.

End Of The Smartphone Era, Due to BlackBerry Phones

The experts could assure their data was safe since Blackberry phones have an array of unbreakable security safeguards. BlackBerry has informed its surviving subscribers that as of January 4, they would discontinue support for BlackBerry 7.1 and BlackBerry 10 devices.

Even if it was inevitable, the discontinuation of BlackBerry’s software and services for these handsets is nevertheless a sad milestone in the history of smartphones. Because of this closure, the probably limited number of users who still use these BlackBerry smartphones will no longer have access to data, phone calls, or SMS. After that time, you’ll be able to do less using BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and BlackBerry Link.

By 2012, five years after the release of the iPhone, BlackBerry’s formerly dominant position in the smartphone industry had fallen to third place behind Nokia and the now-defunct Windows Phone OS from Microsoft. The Windows Phone Lumia series surpassed a year after Microsoft acquired Nokia, BlackBerry’s market share of just 2.9% of global smartphone sales.

Blackberry Slider Phone Release DateBlackberry Slider

According to a press release issued by OnwardMobility in 2020, a new blackberry slider phone will be available in 2021. However, as of the end of that year, no such ‘Berry has been released.

In late July 2021, BlackBerry launched the “Pre-Commitment Program”. It is a way for interested consumers and companies to have a voice in designing the first 5G BlackBerry. As a result, once the device is out, they get an early pre-order.

While the sign-up page for the program did not provide any additional information about when the phone would be ready for release; It shed light on the fact that OnwardMobility was making progress on their device. It was already in development but lacked a final engineering design or finalized specs and features.

How Much Would The 2022 BlackBerry Slider Phone Cost?

Since OnwardMobility was planned to sell fewer units of the first 5G BlackBerry than a typical manufacturer, hefty prices (around the £800/ US $800 mark) were anticipated.

OnwardMobility’s BlackBerry did not seem to reverse the trend of TCL’s BlackBerry phones being more costly than the specifications merited compared to competitive competitors.

A BlackBerry android slider phone in 2021/2022 is a niche gadget. However, the high price would undoubtedly represent the uniqueness of a phone with a keyboard. The fact is that it would have certainly been costly because of this same specialized appeal.

Wishlist For The New BlackBerry In 2022

With so little known about the latest BlackBerry phone, we thought we’d share some of our hopes for its features.

  • A screen with a rapid refresh rate
  • An excellent keyboard
  • Sliding form factor
  • Powerful cameras


The Blackberry smartphone slider is suitable for business usage. Social networking, messaging, email, and scheduling are just some things you can do on a Blackberry. Tech Buzzer gives you updated details about the blackberry smartphone. The battery life of a blackberry phone is acceptable. Blackberry has many network connection speeds (2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi). Blackberry phones of the future will also be 5G-ready.

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