BlackBerry Q10 Sales Abysmal, Says Report

BlackBerry Q10 smartphone has been expected by its Company to rule the sales market and to bring the triumphed of BlackBerry’s substantial keyboard into the segment of hi-tech communication devices of the touch-screen. The BlackBerry Q 10 has come across abysmal sales since its moment on store shelves in the market. The Q 10 has faced virtually no demand among the populace and the sets that incidentally sold out have been returned back to the stores by the customers.


BlackBerry Company earlier this year publicized the Q10 in conjunction with the Z10. The latter, which designed with a virtual keyboard, has been the first to knock the store shelves. BlackBerry’s Q10 is the supposed to be the successor of Z 10. BlackBerry, at the moment of its launch, expected that the Z10 would tempt to the consumers making a purchase of touch-screen devices, while the Q10 possibly spout into BlackBerry’s QWERTY-obsessed promote. Unfortunately, the devices proved the stereotype of its prior product without any innovation, neither in function nor looks.

Though, BlackBerry has been re-engineered for the effortless typing feature for the convenience of the customers. But the chief rationale for its sales abysmal is the less competitiveness with the touch-screen multi-featured devices. The sale of the Q 10 has fallen flat for the customary functions of the cell phones into the arena of advanced technology (touch-screen devices) at the trendy price. The keypad-equipped Q 10 has proven to be the conventionally depended on key-typing that consumes time and efforts, while people have been switched towards the touch sensitive devices that responds at a single touch on the screen and feature exhibit.

Furthermore, a proposition that the new BlackBerry devices aren’t selling well, used phone vendors aren’t reporting the flood of old BlackBerry that typically comes when updated devices are launched. BlackBerry that has been dominated the smart-phone market for much of the decade now fallen back as touch-screen devices like the ever growing popularity of the iPhone. About three years ago, the company launched an all-out effort to hold up the market. It focused on two devices—one all-touch screen, the other with a keyboard, which featured new designs and has functioned via more processed operating software. Earlier in the year, BlackBerry said it planned to spend “in the hundreds of millions” marketing the phones.

The Q10 has been on moderate sale at Verizon and AT&T earlier this summer and is launching on Sprint this Friday. Carriers have already made their sale at a reasonable discount on the Z10, and the catalog of both the phones has established a well-grounded market a few months after its launch in the US. The Z10 has now been offered for free on a two-year contract at several outlets just to achieve the stock sale at the set time period.

Corporate sales are the subject to provide a boost to BlackBerry. Big companies in highly regulated industries characteristically take longer to make purchasing decisions, and BlackBerry Company has proclaimed that 60% of Fortune 500 companies are testing their new phones.

On the other hand, BlackBerry’s proclamation during the reflective phase of purchasing and marketplace analysis, the Company has attempted to form a special board committee to investigate strategic alternatives including a possible sale of the company could give would-be customers hold up. People are plausible to make a decision for purchasing the BlackBerry phone and commit to an ecosystem of applications and services.

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