How Technology Help Art Of Constructing Buildings Into the Future

art of constructing buildings

People don’t often associate construction sites with innovative technological advances. There seems to be this widespread idea that construction hasn’t really changed all that much in decades. It’s true that much of the core work hasn’t changed in any extreme ways. The actual art of constructing buildings hasn’t changed in the same ways that other business pursuits have changed. We mostly use the same materials. We make buildings in mostly the same way and for the same purposes.

art of constructing buildings
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But the construction industry is hardly behind the times! The reason that much of the way things are done in construction hasn’t changed is that there’s been little reason for things to change. But there are loads of great technologies that are finding use on constructions sites across the globe.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways construction businesses are using great modern technologies. If you run a construction business, why not look into implementing some of these into your work?

Computer-Aided Planning

While much of the proper building process hasn’t changed, quite a lot has changed in the way that building plans are made. Workers now use a variety of technologies to help them design a art of constructing buildings. 3D printing and Building Information Modeling are being used to create models and accurate scales.


And, of course, there’s computer-aided design, or CAD. With the right CAD platform, professionals can create 3D “drawings” of the building they want to make. Planning both the interiors and the exteriors can be done accurately in this way.

High-Tech Site Surveillance

Constructions sites have always needed to use CCTV to keep criminals and adventurous citizens off of the premises. Back in the “good old days”, security guards would need to view this CCTV footage from a specialized room filled with televisions. But the feed from CCTV networks can now be streamed to smartphones and tablets. Security on constructions sites has gotten much more reliable and accessible!


Drones are also being used to get photos and video footage for planning purposes. This technology has been a lifesaver for many businesses. The old-school alternative to this was taking photos from the top of a nearby building. That, or from a helicopter! Drones are much less hassle (especially to those afraid of heights!).

“Smart” objects

It seems we can’t get away from the Internet of Things in modern businesses these days, right? Well, these environmental-data-driven technologies are also finding their way onto construction sites. Such wearable technology is being used to help employees keep safe. Which, as you’ve probably guess, is quite the priority at a building site!

Technology in the hardhats and vests of construction workers are being used to monitor vital signs. An employee’s heart rate and body temperature can be tracked with the device of their concerned employer. The tech in the hardhats can also alert the foreman if a hardhat isn’t being worn by its designated employee. We can’t have builders on sites without hardhats, after all!

So, yes, there’s a lot of building work that hasn’t changed. But these technologies are helping companies save money and time. It’s also helping them ensure the safety of their employees.

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