How To Fax From iPhone – Complete Detail

how to fax from iphone

If you are worried about how to fax from your iPhone, then this article is written for you. Fax is the easiest method to transmit any file to other people. People who are sitting far apart can easily send important documents to one another.

Some companies can also transmit their important data. They use fax machines because they want to interact with the people who are sitting abroad. Many fax machines have been invented in the latest versions. Some fax machines were invented in the form of the iPhone. People purchase iPhones but they do not know how to use them. So, let’s start to learn about the procedure of faxing from iPhones.

How to Fax from an iPhone?

To fax from an iPhone, you must have an account with CocoFax. Through CocoFax, you can easily send or receive any document from other people.

There are many techniques to fax from the iPhone, which are mentioned here:

Make an iPhone, a Fax Machine

  • Open the iPhone web browser and then open your CocoFax account.
  • If you have a fax number, then tap on the CocoFax dashboard.
  • Select the “Send Fax” option, which is on the dashboard.
  • The new screen display where you have to fill in the details of the receiver.
  • Then click on “Send Fax.”
  • The verification message will appear on your dashboard.

Installing an App to Send Fax

  • From the play store, install the PLUS app.
  • Register your Gmail in the app and it requires some verification steps.
  • After the verification process, tap on Send Fax and put the receiver fax number in the suitable field.
  • Attach the document that you want to send and tap on the send button.
  • Your file will be sent at once.

Fax by Using WiseFax

WiseFax is a fast app to send a fax to other people. You do not need to convert your scanned picture into a pdf or jpg. It is a feature of WiseFax to convert any scanned picture into pdf or jpg. You can easily convert through this app and send faxes also. You just have to install the app, open it and attach the document or put in the fax number of the receiver and send the fax.

Fax by Using eFax

There are a lot of apps available to send a fax, but we discussed a few apps that work better.

To send a fax by using fax, you just have to follow a few steps which are mentioned here:

  • Install the app, and open it.
  • Click on “Send Fax”
  • Attach the document and fax number to the receiver.
  • Click on “send a fax”.

Your fax will be sent.

Fax by Using iFax

The process of sending a fax is the same as the other apps.

  • Register yourself on the app.
  • Select the Send Fax option.
  • Attach the document and put in the receiver’s fax number.

Click on the send fax button.

Causes Of not Sending Of Fax

There are many cases when your fax is not sent properly. Sometimes a machine also does not work properly. It is very important to find the bug if you want to send a fax. Some of the issues through which fax is not sent are discussed here:

Devices Infected by Viruses

Sometimes, viruses attack our devices and stop them from working. It happens when we open a link that is full of viruses or click on the box that is shown at the bottom of the website screen. We can avoid this kind of problem by making sure our device has antivirus software or by not clicking on any URLs.

Connection Problem

Sometimes, our internet is also not working properly, which causes the failure of our work. We cannot work properly if the internet connection is not strong. To send any fax, we must have a strong internet connection.

Destination Number Blocked

Maybe, the fax number of the receiver is blocked due to some issues and it becomes invalid.

Problem with File Size

Sometimes, we send too many heavy files to the receiver, but the capacity of the app is for light files. So it is also an issue that causes not sending the document.

Complete the Process of Sending the Document

Scan the Document

Firstly, scan the document if it is in handwritten form, and convert the document into any file type like jpg, PDF, or any other. While scanning, make sure that the picture will be clear because there is no benefit to sending a blurred picture.

Add Signatures and File Details

After attaching the file, put your signature and a few details about the document. It is necessary and gives a good impression.

Put the Receiver’s Fax Number

Don’t forget to put in the receiver’s fax number because without it you cannot send your document.

And then your document will be sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send any PDFs from my iPhone?

Yes, you can send PDFs from the iPhone, even if you can send any type of file from the iPhone. Many apps send PDFs from iPhones. You can send PDFs by using those apps.

Can I Send the Document without Installing the App?

Yes, you can send any document without installing the apps. Many websites are used to fax any document.

Can I Fax a Handwritten Document?

Yes, you can easily fax handwritten documents. You just have to scan the document and send it. Many apps fax handwritten documents. Furthermore, they can also convert the handwritten document into PDF or JPG.


In this modern age, fax is the most popular way to transmit any document in soft form. Because if you send any document manually, it will take many days. Mostly, people use fax to send documents to international companies because they want to do business with them. There are many techniques through which you can send your documents. You can use any technique to fax from your iPhone. This article is a collection of all the information about how to send a fax from an iPhone.

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