Detailed Review Of HP 15z Laptop: Your Trustworthy Companion

HP 15z

Using portal computers has become so popular. They are convenient to carry everywhere you want. So, you can’t miss your work efficiency while traveling or doing other activities. Some days ago, I searched for a good device that could be proven to be the best device for my daily use as I was tired of using simple laptops, so I decided to get a touch screen device. So, the first thought pop up in my mind was the hp 15z touchscreen.

Now, I had a tough time with the reviews of hp 15z. You can’t spend a handsome amount to try a thing, and that is the truth. Therefore, I researched the specifications of hp 15z online. Also, I met a few people that were using that device.

So, I will share my experience after using the hp 15z laptop. Here we go:

HP 15z: Primary Introduction

It has a sharp and crisp appearance. It comes with 15.6 inches screen. Moreover, this model’s different colors make the hp look more elegant. HP 15z has optional touchscreen operation. Moreover, it is a mid-range device with the best features.

Design And Dimensions Of HP 15z

Well, I am quite satisfied with the design of this device. With its elegant appearance, the laptop attracts the public. Moreover, HP provides two other different colors of this device. Those colors are warm gold and fog blue.

At the center, there is the HP logo in silver color. It is so bright and prominent. Most importantly, the lid’s mate shades and the logo’s glossy look show the best combination. So it was the exterior of hp 15z.

Moving forward, let’s discuss the interior of the laptop. A silver color surrounds the keyboard. It has a keyboard and a numeric pad as well. So, it is a well-designed keyboard for typing and browsing.

The measurements of hp 15z are 360.1 x 233.9 x 17.7 mm, and its weight is approx 1800 g. Comparatively, HP 15z 15.6 inches weight is less than HP 15 inches. So if I rate the physical approach of this device, it would be ten on 10.

CPU Performance

I must say that looks do not always matter. There must be some good performance that wins the heart. In the case of electronic devices, you have to check their working of them. Whether they are fulfilling your work requirements or not. So, a detailed review of HP 15z performance will help you out.

This laptop contains a powerful octa-core AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor that performs well for office use. Moreover, the boost frequency is 4.10 GHz, and 8 MB of cache memory. So, it shows a stunning performance after opening several tabs simultaneously.

Besides, if you want to evaluate the performance of your laptop, you can do it yourself. So there is a processing evaluator software named Cinebench. Run it on your laptop, and it will deeply analyze the performance of your device. Cinebench will show the scores that depend upon the working of your laptop.

Memory And Storage Review

Memory and storage are other key features of your laptop. I always consider it and ensure that memory and storage are fair enough for my office work. Moreover, would it allow me to extend the storage if I want to do so?

This laptop supports 8 GB RAM, which is standard size. Despite this, if you want to add some more memory, it is possible. Yes, the HP 15z comes with two memory slots. Each slot can support up to 8 GB RAM. Collectively, it would be 16 GB of extra memory for your PC.

After installing some extra RAM, you will see the productivity of your laptop enhances. You can open multiple tabs and perform multitasking easily.

Afterward, if we talk about the Storage of this laptop, it comes with 128 GB. Here is a similar option for the extension. If you want to increase the storage, it could be 256 GB, 518 GB, or up to 1 TB. So, depending on the storage you need for your work, you can get it easily. That is why I am satisfied with the hp 15z memory upgrade.

Graphic Card Review Of HP 15z

An integrated AMD Radeon Graphics card is installed in HP 15z. The maximum frequency this card support is 1600 MHz. But the integrated graphic cards cannot handle demanding graphic tasks properly.

This wonderful laptop shows good gaming graphics. So, I installed and ran some games over it. I was satisfied with the graphics. If you are performing some high graphics task, this laptop is not for you. No doubt, it can run some light graphics games and tasks. But for some stunning graphics and visibility, HP 15z is a bit low.

Battery Performance Of HP 15z

Indeed, battery life is an essential part of the laptop. HP 15z laptop battery is powered with three cell 45 Wh lithium battery. Moreover, it has a fast charging feature. I tested the battery and with browsing and some other stuff. So, with full-on working on the laptop, it can last up to 3 hours. I am not quite happy with the battery life. It could be even better.


In the end, I would say that if you want a laptop for light tasks, you can buy HP 15z. one thing that I found disturbing is the battery life and lower graphic card support. But overall performance is quite good.

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