Google Pixel Slate i5 : The New Tablet from Google

Google Pixel Slate i5

In today’s world, being connected to the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Regardless of whether you’re at home or at work, there’s always something crucial happening online. However, we often miss out on the latest trends and ideas in our field due to a lack of connectivity. This is where the Google Pixel Slate tablet shines. With its advanced technology, it provides an immersive experience that makes it feel like you’re physically present on your favorite websites and apps. This level of accessibility is hard to beat, and the Google Pixel Slate i5 is the perfect solution for staying connected and informed.

What is the Google Pixel Slate i5?

The Pixel Slate is a new tablet from Google that has a variety of features and capacities. It
has an 8-inch display and is available in two different levels of capacity, which make it
perfect for various uses. The Pixel Slate can be used as a computer, recorder, or photo

ModelPixel Slate i5
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i5-8200Y or Core m3,
Amber Lake-Y
Operating SystemChrome OS
RAM8GB or 16GB
Storage64GB, 128GB, or 256GB
Ports2 USB-C
Headphone jackNo
Display12.3-inch Molecular Display, 3000 x 2000 (293 PPI)
Touchpad11.45 x 7.95 x 0.28 inches (290.9 x 202.4 x 7 mm)
Battery LifeUp to 10 hours
Weight1.6 pounds (731 grams)
PenPixelbook Pen (optional, $99 extra)
KeyboardPixel Slate Keyboard (optional, $199 extra)

What are the Different Levels of Capacity of the Google Pixel Slate i5?

In addition to its 8-inch screen size, the Pixel Slate has two different levels of capacity: the
low capacity will only support up to 4GB of data, while the high capacity can hold up to
128GB of data. This allows you to easily store your photos, videos, and other large files on
the Pixel Slate.

How to Use Google Pixel Slate i5

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To use the Pixel Slate, first decide which level of capacity you want to purchase. Then follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of the two available levels of capacity and input your desired amount of data
    into the computer or recorder’s side button.
  2. Once you’ve purchased your level of Capacity, input it into the tablet with the main camera
    in the top left corner (you may have to adjust it if it’s not automatically set).
  3. After you’ve added all your data and hit “prime time,” your tablet should begin loading
    automatically with all your new content!

What are the Different Features of the Pixel Slate i5?

Pixel Slate offers a range of games and applications to enjoy on its 8.9-inch display. These
games include Tom Clancy’s The Division, Rayman Legends, and Plants vs. Zombies
Garden Warfare. In addition, Pixel Slate includes the Google Photos app to help you take
photos and videos with ease.

  • Its dimensions include a Height is 7.0mm, a length of 290.85mm, and a width of
  • It weighs 1.6Ibs. And it has a touchscreen display with pixel book pen support.
  • Its memory (RAM) includes 4GB,8GB, or 16 GB. Its storage is 32GB,64GB,128GB,
    and 256 GB.
  • Its battery is 48WHr, up to 12 hours of use, and fast charging, up to 2 hours in 15
  • It is made with an anodized aluminum body.
  • Its color is midnight blue. A front camera, video calling, and rear camera are present.
  • Fingerprint sensors are present on the power button with a dedicated microcontroller
    for security.

What are the Different Types of Photos:

You Can Take on Pixel Slate
Photos can be taken in a variety of ways on Pixel Slate:

  • Using the front-facing camera or the rear-facing one; using an iPhone or Android
    phone as a capturing device, or through online services like Instagram and Snapchat.
    Additionally, you can take photos and videos in landscape or portrait orientation.

How to Use the Keyboard and Mouse To use Pixel Slate i5

Foremost, set up your computer and tablet with sufficient storage space by adding it to your
account information page on Google Play Services. After connecting your devices, open
Chrome on your computer or mobile device and sign into your Google Account (if you’re
using an iPhone or Android device).

From there, open the Tools tab in Chrome and select Options from the bottom of the screen. On Pixel Slate, select Keyboard & Mouse from the left side of the window and then click on Set Up Keyboard & Mouse (near the top).

Select Landscape from the options that appear below so that your mouse pointer is located at the upper right corner of your screen when you’re working on text documents or presentations; connect your headphones if needed for audio enjoyment, and; and enable touch input if desired for more responsive cursor movements.

How to Get the Most Out of Google Pixel Slate i5

One of the great things about using a tablet device for gaming is that you can use the mouse and keyboard to play games. To play games on Pixel Slate, first, enable the Tablet’s Gamepad mode. Then use the left and right arrow keys to move around and the space bar to fire your shots. Finally, use the up and down arrow keys to control your character’s movement.

Use the Tablet to Take Photos and Videos:

To take photos or videos on Pixel Slate first, enable the Tablet’s Rear-View Camera mode. Then use either the front or back camera to take pictures or videos. You can also press and hold down one of Pixel Slate’s buttons while taking a picture or video to choose between selfie or normal capture mode. The camera of the Pixel phone is better than all smartphones. Pixel became more famous due to its unique features of the best camera. Due to this camera, the pixel is one step above the iPhone.

Use Google Pixel Slate i5 to Work on Projects

If you want to work on projects on Pixel Slate, first enable its Non-Inverted Screen mode. Then use either its three main buttons (Home, Menu, Back) or its virtual joystick (Left/Right) as well as its virtual cursor (up/down)to move around and select objects in your project area.

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  • Sleek design and high-quality build
  • Large and high-resolution display
  • Runs Chrome OS with access to Google Play Store apps
  • Reliable performance for everyday productivity tasks
  • Excellent audio quality from front-firing speakers
  • Fast charging capability
  • Dual USB Type-C ports that support external storage.
  • The Pixel Slate Keyboard is a joy to type on.
  • The display produces accurate colors and details, with a 120 percent sRGB color spectrum and 337 nits of brightness.
  • The backlit keyboard reclines to allow for multiple positions.
  • Smooth touch recognition and scrolling on the 12.3-inch screen.


  • Expensive compared to other Chromebooks and tablets
  • Limited app optimization for larger screen size
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues with select headphones
  • No biometric login options
  • Keyboard and stylus sold separately
  • Limited support for desktop software applications
  • The base model’s storage may feel like overkill on the cloud-based Chrome OS.
  • The external device support glitched after importing large, multi-gigabyte files.
  • Some users have reported sluggish, stuttery performance in tablet mode.
  • The Pixel Slate does not have a headphone jack.
  • Additional accessories like the Pixel Slate Keyboard and Pixelbook Pen can be costly.


Pixel Slate is a great tablet for people who want to take pictures and videos, work on projects, and play games. It comes with different levels of capacity so you can store more photos and videos, work on projects more easily, and play games without having to carry around a lot of extra storage. Google Pixel Slate i5 is also easy to use with the help of the mouse and keyboard.

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