An Ultimate Guide To Listening Devices For Cars

Listening Devices For Cars

Did you know? 108,542 vehicles were stolen in the UK from 2021 to 2022 and after that many car users are using listening devices for cars for security purposes as well as to listen to the conversation of others in the car to spy on them.

We live in an age where anyone can access the latest spy equipment such as voice-activated listening devices for cars with a long listening range.

The previous year I was curious about what my friends thought of me when I was not around. So I ordered a hidden listening device for a car from Amazon to spy on my friends and used it in my car. Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with my strange friend zone here just sharing my experience what exactly is a listening device and why do people use it?

Listening Device

Tracker device for cars

It is a small gadget that fits cautiously in the car and warns via voice control if someone breaks into the car. Further, It records the conversations of people who have stolen your car to provide their information such as their voice, mobile phone calls, and location if GPS is also available which is very useful in such cases.

Size and How it Works

Hidden listening device for car comes in different sizes that contain a small radio transmitter and microphone that is usually battery-operated. The listening device for the car must connect to the power source If you plan to install it for a long time because it requires continued power to record the conversation.

Hiding Places for Hidden Listening Devices for Cars

When choosing where to hide your listening device, think about two points:

  • First, Choose a location where no one can find it, and luckily, the car offers plenty of hiding spots to choose from.
  • Second, find a place where other sounds don’t obstruct the clearance of the sound because with clear sound the recording would be hard to understand.

Hiding Spots

Spots you can hide hidden tracking and listening devices for cars are

  • Bottom of the seat
  • Inside the seat
  • In backseat
  • In courtesy lights

I hid my device inside the seat and no one actually noticed it because no one actually looked inside the seat.

Best Listening Devices for Cars

GSM-001 Bug

Its DSP function can filter and reduce those sounds or rustling coming from a moving vehicle. It comes with a voice recognition sensor and a distinctive anti-swipe system, that has a SIM card that allows you to listen remotely.


  • Width 39 mm
  • Length 40mm
  • Height 9 mm
  • DSP processor


  • Convenient to recharge by 12V power supply
  • Remote application via SMS
  • Virtual Lock reduces the probability of uncertified or unauthorized reprogramming.
  • The solo hearing process eliminates uncertified users on hearing the unit.
  • Quickly reset to factory default settings which is very convenient.
  • The diagnostic LED can be turned off remotely via SMS.


  1. Remote diagnostics include IMEI units, stem cells, and all other secondary cells with a straight signal.
  2. Remote stealth function that shuts off the device immediately for a certain time.
  3. Motion reminder function or VOX


Sometimes other devices, such as speakers and hearing aids, could obstruct  GSM 001 bug. This kind of intercession is because GSM uses pulse transmission tech.


TileRec is an ultra-slim and lightweight digital spy listening device for cars that are set to sound-activated and only records when it detects sounds above 45dB. It is made of 100% aluminum alloy with a black anodized finish. This recorder doesn’t have a screen or a speaker and has one power switch because TileRec is so small and compact that you can hide it anywhere in your car and nobody will notice.


RAM                  8GB

Coverage        360 Degree

Battery           240 mAh



In continuous recording mode, TileRec records clear audio files and is well-designed to withstand being dropped, stepped on, or run over by a car.


Sometimes in the voice-activated mood, it trims the audio therefore you may miss the beginning of a sentence.

For example, If someone is starting the sentence ( i went to school yesterday) it will record it as (to school yesterday)

PS it just happens sometimes not all the time.

LawMate Key Fob

The LawMate Car Key Fob is a great pick in listening devices for cars. This hidden device is small, tiny, and designed to look like a key fob. Its weight is very light and there are no lights so no one can notice it in the car because of its weight. Its battery requires just 2 hours to be fully charged moreover it provides up to 10 hours of continuous recording or approximately 50 hours of voice-activated recording


Memory                   2GB

Storage Capacity    35 hours

Length                    3 inches

Weight                    2 ounce

Furthermore, The time and date feature let you know exactly when conversations and audio events occurred on this recorder.  A USB wire adds for shifting audio recordings from mini spy recorders to your PC.

How to Check if Someone has Installed Hidden Tracking and Listening Devices in your Cars

If you are suspicious about a hidden listening device then take a good look at your car and Start looking for a listening device outside of the car. Because devices are often connected using magnets, check for exposed metal surfaces.

  • Properly check the wheels first because It can help to figure out what’s going on if you can’t see well
  • Check the undercarriage
  • you can use a mirror to look under your car
  • Look behind the bumpers because it is an obvious suspicious spot
  • Look under the car seat, because some audio devices are attached to the data port on the bottom of the dashboard.
  • Search Inside and at the corners of the seats because there are the most convenient spots for listening devices.


Most of us have no reason to worry about secrets. But, sometimes we find ourselves in special situations when someone is spying on us. Some people can use spy devices in cars to eavesdrop on our communications which could interfere with our privacy. Therefore it is important for us to be careful and keep our cars in check if someone is using listening devices for cars.


Why would Someone put a Listening Device in My Car?

Sometimes the person recording your conversation wants to get something from you. It can be a company that wants to take back their loan or a competitive company that ought to get your sensitive information so these be the reason someone’s using listening devices for cars.

What is the Difference Between a GPS Tracker and a Listening Device?

Listening devices for cars are alike to GPS tracking devices because GPS tracker retrieves your exact location based on cellular networks and transmits data similar to cell phones. Similarly, the listening device can also eavesdrop on in-car conversations and could also track the location if GPS is also available.

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