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Miami technology solutions

Miami is a Florida city located in the United States on the southeast coast. As Miami is nearby the ocean, a lot of businesses run in the travel, tourism, and commerce industries.

What Companies Are In Miami?

Miami Nation Enterprise is the economic base of a federally recognized Miami nation to hunt the economic development opportunities, Miami Technology Solutions, and Miami business services for the worth of Miami nation. If you are looking for a good job or want a life-changing career, this article is very informative for you. We will discuss different companies in Miami jobs with their details.

Top companies’ Headquarter In Miami

Here are some top companies headquartered in Miami, but maybe they operate in other states.

Carnival Cruise lines

  • Size: More than 10,000 employees
  • Description: It was founded in 1972; Carnival Cruise Line provides plenty of options for cruises around the world, including locations like Australia, Bermuda, and Alaska. Cruises with Carnival give too many options for exploration and recreation like off-ship excursions, on-board entertainment, options for dining and spas, and fitness. You can also find other jobs such as personal vacation planners, seaman, and aquatic attendants. In this company, you will get a lot of benefits as an employee such as health insurance, paid time off, employee discounts, and paid parental leave.

Lennar Corporation

  • Size: 5,001-10,000 employees.
  • Description: Lennar Corporation was founded in 1954, it is a construction company, it operates in 18 states of the United States. This company builds single-family homes but also provides the services of building multifamily homes/communities. In this company, you can get jobs in different positions like construction manager or construction field assistant. You will also get benefits as an employee in this company for example Medical insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation leave, flexible spending accounts, etc.

REEF Technology

  • Size: 201-500 employees
  • Description: REEF Technology, was founded in 2013, it offers Miami technical solutions to restaurants and companies. The most popular services of this company are food delivery, e-commerce platforms, and a set of REEF hubs and kitchens in underuse spaces. You can work here as a customer experience representative, shuttle driver, or grocery attendant. You will also get favors from the company like health insurance, paid time off, and a 401(1) plan.

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Burger King

  • Size: More than 10,000 employees.
  • Description: Burger king was founded in 1954; it’s a fast-food restaurant spread out all around the world. This restaurant offers a heavy variety of food items like burgers, sandwiches, and fries. You can work here as a restaurant manager, restaurant team member or delivery boy, etc. This company usually provides several facilities to full-time employees, they facilities you by offering health insurance, paid time off, flexible schedule.

Costa Farms

  • Size: 1,001-5,000 employees.
  • Description: Founded in 1961, it is an agricultural company that works to produce a variety of plants for different purposes, including plants that use for decoration and also those plants that use as food-like crops. Here in this company, you have the opportunity to get a job as a grower, process engineer, and tool operator. This company offers health insurance, dental insurance, employee discount, gym membership, etc.

Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Size: More than 10,000 employees.
  • Description: This Company was established in 1966 and is the one biggest cruise line in the world. This company proffers cruises in a variety of locations and allows the customer to design their vacations, including tours for travel, dining, and enjoyment. You can get work at Norwegian Cruise Line as a post like a cruise staff, personal cruise consultant, and entertainer. The company gives you benefits like health insurance, a retirement plan, paid time off, etc.

Akerman LLP

  • Size: 1,001-5,000
  • Description: Akerman LLP was opened for business in 1920; it serves financial institutions by offering legal and finance consulting. This company gives services like consumer financial services, fraud, and recovery services, and consulting for public policy. At this company, you can apply for jobs like record clerk, paralegal, and operation assistant. Akerman LLP also provides benefits to its employees like stock bonus plans, pension plans, profit-sharing, and paid time off.

World Fuel Services

  • Size: 1,001-5,000 employees.
  • Description: World Fuel Services start its business in 1984 and provides services in energy, logistics, and transportation for companies in different industries. The main goal of this company is reducing the company’s carbon footprint and maintaining a modest budget for expenses like electricity and natural gas. Different jobs you can get at World Fuel Services include tanker truck driver, credit analyst, and class B CDL local fuel hauler. This company also offers benefits to employees like paid time off, disability insurance, casual dress code, flexible schedule, and 401(1) plan.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

  • Size: More than 10,000 employees
  • Description: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Is a cruise line that takes guests on trips in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The company is often a famous choice among cruise-goers because of its giant fleet of cruise ships each contains facilities such as pools and lounge decks and dining options. Here you can apply for various jobs such as shore excursion staff, ship crew, and entertainer. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. also offers benefits to its employees such as health insurance, on-site gym, paid time off, signing bonus, and tuition reimbursement.

Ryder System Inc.

  • Size: More than 10,000 employees
  • Description: Ryder System Inc. was founded in 1933; offers a lot of services in logistics and supply chain management. The company is also famous for its transportation solutions. A few of its most popular products are fleet management solutions and supply chain management solutions. Here you can get a job like a material handler, Class A drive, and recruiting and retention specialist. : Ryder System Inc. provides some benefits to employees like paid holidays, certification reimbursement, cell phone provided, and health insurance.

What Tech Companies are moving to Miami?

Miami is one of the top-ranking tech hubs in the US- many tech companies earlier know this and mainstream media also kept eye on it. According to the latest Forbes ranking of emerging tech hubs in the US ranked The Magic City 2nd ahead of New York and Austin.

Here’s the question what is the reason behind the city’s rapid growth and Miami technology solutions?

So, the reason behind it is, various tech companies have transferred to Miami since 2020. Blackstone, Founders Fund, and Swag up are one of those companies which are transferred to Miami. Miami Wii-pica gives services for construction operation and maintenance and commissioning projects. Miami advertised more than 14,084 job posts in the tech industry. Moreover, the mayor of Miami Francis X. Suarez is doing hard, certainly so on Twitter, to push more tech companies to make Miami their new working place.


Miami is a city in the US. A lot of businesses run in the travel, tourism, and commerce industries. There are different companies in Miami like Carnival Cruise Line, Lennar Corporation, REEF Technology, Burger King, Costa Farms, Norwegian Cruise Line, Akerman LLP, World Fuel Services, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Ryder System Inc. Miami have one of the top-ranked tech hubs. Many companies shifted to Miami. Blackstone, Founder Funds, and Swag up are one of those and provide Miami technology solutions by which the Miami develops.

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