Game Pigeon Android: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Install Game On Android And Play

game pigeon android

Game Pigeon is an incredibly popular collection of mini-games. The Game Pigeon has captivated iPhone users around the world. Game Pigeon android offers a variety of entertaining and addictive games. You can play Game Piegeon with friends and family through iMessage. Furthermore, one of the main highlights of Game Pigeon is its wide selection of games.

Every game provides a distinct and interesting experience. From classics like 8-ball, Chess, and Poker to more options like Cup Pong and Anagrams are available.

In addition, there are games to suit every taste and skill level. The simple gameplay mechanics make it easy for players because of the straightforward gameplay fundamentals. Regardless of your gaming expertise, you will enjoy every game. However, one question has persisted among Android users: When Game Pigeon android will be available on Android?

Can You Really Run Game Pigeon On Android?

Before going further you need to understand first that Game Pigeon is basically an iMessage app for iPhone users only. There is no game pigeon android free download or game pigeon android apk download available on the internet. Now the question here is, why isn’t Game Pigeon on Android? is Game Pigeon Android accessible? It is possible by using iMessage on Android which requires third-party apps. Typically, the process involves continuously using a Mac computer as a server to transmit communications from an Android to the iCloud servers and the other way around. Whatever third-party service is used, the finished output is inferior to what Apple has to offer.

The most fundamental iMessage functionality, including tap-back reactions and replies, is not supported by these services. Both GamePigeon and the iMessage App Store, where add-ons are available, are incompatible. GamePigeon was created exclusively for the iMessage platform, so even if Android users manage to install it and get it running using a difficult workaround, it will have major compatibility issues with Android.

How To Install Game Pigeon On Android Step By Step?

Game Pigeon on Android

  1. Go to Google Play Store to install weMessage or from their official site.
  2. Now download the Java Development Kit 9
  3. Lastly, download the MacOS file.
  4. Run the command after opening the browser. You can download a macOS file
  5. from there. You must permit the SETTINGS to execute macro files.
  6. Additionally, you must permit the terminal command to run.
  7. You must input an email and password when you run the command. Enter the same email Id address and password that you did for Mac OS.
  8. Link your Android device to your Mac. Now, You have to navigate the notification that appears once the application downloads.
  9. Put your macOS IP address into the server to log in. Type the email and password as well.
  10. Once completed, these devices are linked to your screen. Text to your Android mobile from your iOS device to test it out. The average wait time is two to three minutes to show text on your device.
  11. The last step in order to get the game pigeon android download is crucial. After following every step, you must not forget to enable the terminal command throughout the whole task. The terminal command will allow you the same connection you were previously on.

What Are Game Pigeon Android Alternatives?

Once users have downloaded and enabled GamePigeon, it is immediately incorporated into their iMessage conversations. Moreover, it provides a plethora of multiplayer games that iMessage users can start in their text conversations, including basketball, checkers, and 8 ball. Using third-party apps, Android users can enjoy the thrill of playing live games with friends. Here are some alternatives for Game Pigeon Android.

Facebook Games

Facebook Games android

With a large selection of single- and multiplayer games integrated into its main app, Facebook now provides users with an experience that is comparable to that of GamePigeon. Users can play against their friends by sending an invitation via Messenger or be matched with a stranger in any of the various sports-themed activities, card games, and word puzzles that presently have millions of players.

Telegram Games

As we all know Telegram is a texting app for both Android and iPhone. You can play Telegram games in the app.


Another choice is Plato, which offers many online games. Plato lets users play with friends.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games android

A wide selection of multiplayer games is available on the Google Play Games.

What Online Games iPhone And Android Users Can Play Together?

Here are some games that offer cross-platform compatibility. These games enable Android and iPhone users to play together:

  • Among Us
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Apex Legends
  • Spaceteam
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Clash Royale
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Pokemon Go

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As a result, you can now play games on Game Pigeon with your family and friends without any problems. Follow all the instructions in the right order to download and play Game Pigeon on your Android smartphone. If you find the article helpful share it with your friends. Help them download Game Pigeon Android.

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Can you do GamePigeon on Android?

No, GamePigeon is basically an iMessage extension that allows only Apple users to play mini-games. There is no official game pigeon android apk or game pigeon android apk mod available.

Can I play iMessage games on Android?

No, iMessage games are exclusively for iOS users only. iMessage is basically Apple’s property which Apple users use to text. Moreover, the games on iMessage like Game Pigeon are only for iOS users. Although, Android users can find similar games like Game Pigeon on Google Play Store. They can also download third-party apps like Telegram or Plato in order to play similar games like Game Pigeon.

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Can iPhone and Samsung play games together?

Yes, there are many online games available on Google Play store and App Store which both iPhone and Samsung users can play together. Here are a few games which iPhone and Samsung users can play together.

  1. PUBG
  2. Among us
  3. Clash Royale

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