The Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments To Up Your Game

action camera microphone attachment

The popularity of action cameras has increased in recent years. They’re used by both extreme athletes and those who want to capture fast-paced moments in their lives more quickly. But with so many models on the market, it can be hard to choose which camera will best suit your needs — especially if you also want to use it as a regular camera during your non-adventurous life. If you’re looking to buy an action camera microphone attachment, here are some of the best ones available.

CamKix with the Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Most action cameras have a built-in microphone, but sometimes you need a little more boom in your audio. That’s where CamKix comes in. We carry an assortment of external microphones compatible with most major camera brands, so you can get the perfect sound for your video needs.

Our mounts attach quickly and easily and provide the stability you need for smooth shots no matter how rough things get! The mount clamps firmly to any standard tripod or extension pole. The rubber grip will hold tight throughout your adventures and not scratch your equipment.

You don’t want to miss out on capturing those memorable moments because you’re worried about moving around too much while you film. With this external mic attachment, it’s never been easier to capture crisp, clear audio from up close or afar. Plus, we have an array of colors available, so you can find something that fits seamlessly into your gear collection!

Tack Clips with Action Camera Microphone Attachment

A tack clip is a lightweight, durable clamp that attaches to a helmet’s top. Using one, you can secure an action camera microphone attachment without worrying about it coming loose or falling off. All you need is a light piece of string, some tacks, and your go-to mount (i.e., GoPro).

  • Attach the clamp onto your helmet’s top line and ensure it’s tight with no slack between the clips.
  • Tack down the string on each side of the helmet near the lip (you don’t want it too close to your mouth).
  • Attach your mic on one side and tie its string securely around both lines on either side of the clamp.
  • You’re done! You should be able to adjust how high or low your mic sits by pulling on one side of the string.
  • Double-check everything before getting back into the wild.
  • Once you’re finished filming, just cut off any excess line and put the whole thing away for next time. If this seems like too much hassle, there are plenty of other options available to you as well: head straps, adhesive mounts, bungee cords, and more.


Using your GoPro to create motion pictures is a fantastic way to record your travels and achievements. And with the recent release of the Hero 5, it’s now easier than ever for you to capture all of life’s greatest moments. However, the audio quality of your video is something that may make or break it.

That’s where Koolstraps comes in! Our patented solution not only makes it easy for you to attach a microphone but also provides a secure way for you to attach other accessories like lights and monitors. It even has an adjustable level, so you know exactly how much your mic picks up ambient noise.

Koolstraps is available on Amazon and compatible with any camera using a standard tripod mount. For more information about our product range and what we have to offer, click here!

Sena Cases

We are so stoked to be able to offer a new attachment that connects your SENA 10x Bluetooth headset right to the camera. The new SENA DR-10X is the world’s first and only action camera microphone attachment, providing high-quality stereo sound for all your adventures.

Whether snowboarding down the mountain or just out for a walk with friends, this extension will ensure you’re recording every moment. Pop on the Sena Cases mics, pair them up with your camera, and enjoy the sound quality it delivers.

Plus, no cords clutch up any footage; it just attaches directly to your camera! It’s compatible with most major brands of action cameras, including GoPro, Sony, Panasonic, etc., and many other audio devices. You can also upgrade from stereo to 5.1 surround sound if you’d like to immerse yourself in the experience truly.

iShoot Mic Adapter Kit

When capturing the best audio possible, a few options out of the box work well with most action cameras. One of the first things you should do is make sure your microphone is properly set up. If you’re using a camera with an external microphone input, this means simply plugging in a 3.5mm mic cable, and you’re all set! Otherwise, if your camera doesn’t have this input, you’ll need an adapter to capture better audio quality. This is where iShoot comes in handy.

The first thing about iShoot is that it’s compatible with any GoPro camera and attaches directly to your GoPro mount or tripod, so it’s always within easy reach when needed. What’s even more impressive is that they offer different variations of their product to ensure compatibility with just about every other major brand on the market, making this one accessory everyone should have in their arsenal.


A microphone can be connected to your action camera in various ways. When it comes down to choosing the best action camera microphone attachment for you, you should consider a few things, such as compatibility, audio quality, durability, and price. If these factors are important to you, we recommend the Zoom H1 because it is one of the most affordable microphones in this category and offers decent sound quality. The Rode VideoMic GO is our top choice if you’re searching for something that offers excellent sound. It’s durable, compatible with many cameras, and has fantastic audio quality.

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