How to Use Android like a PC?

While Android-based smartphones have become widely common, many people find PC computers stuill relevant. And this is not limited to older users. Even younger people who enjoy using their smartphones because of the touch-screen feature and large number of apps, prefer to use the PC because of its greater visibility, capacity and reliability. For one thing, it doesn’t need to be recharged every three to four hours like a smartphone. Here are some of the features and apps that can be used to you’re your Android smartphone work like a PC. These tips are simple and can be managed without undertaking a lot of costs or effort.


Get Rid of Email Alerts

One of the most convenient features of Android-based smartphones is the Android email client. The feature comes with sync settings that give off an alert every time an email is delivered to your inbox. Not only can this be extremely irritating, but it consumes a lot of battery power. So one way to get rid of this problem and use your Android like a PC is to install the CloudMagic application. You can use it to set reminders for special emails and the display is very convenient for use on tablet computers as well as PCs.

Office Applications

Going by the experience of most tablet users, there is a long way to go before people lose their reliance on Microsoft Office application software. Although the Android operating system supports the Google Docs suite on tablet computers, Microsoft Office has become almost intuitive and difficult to get rid of. It is now possible to use Microsoft Office features on a tablet computer by downloading Microsoft Office for Android. This gives a user interface that is as close to using Microsoft Office on a PC. The application is also compatible with Dropbox so you can share your documents with other users easily.

In addition to downloading Microsoft Office, you can also download and install the remote desktop for Android computers developed by Microsoft. This will make you feel that you are working with a pC interface.

Get VPN Security

Security is a major concern when using an Android tablet computer instead of a PC. The tablet is more exposed because it is connected to the public WiFi network. However, this can be overcome by getting an additional layer of security for your computer. A good VPN for Android is all that is needed to set up a safe connection to a public WiFi network. It protects your data from being intercepted while it is being shared over a public WIFi and it makes you feel safer.

Use Peripherals

Some people still prefer to use external peripherals instead of the I/O features embedded in Android-based tablets. A good and convenient option is to connect USB peripheral devices to the tablet using a USB OTG adapter. These will not cost a lot and are very easy to set up. Once this is done, you can connect a conventional mouse or keyboard to your tablet and use it like a personal computer.

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