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The risk of managing vacation rentals remotely at Lodgify has dropped substantially. Now it’s easier than ever to oversee any number of properties without being constantly present. Thanks to the internet and new software, you can easily manage these properties remotely, but there are still a few things you should be aware of first.

Lodgify: Automate with a Software

Automation is essential nowadays and can be done using a vacation rental property management software. Automation doesn’t just help you, but it also helps guests, as more people would rather check into a rental without even interacting with anybody. Rental management software allows for that and more. You can schedule cleaning and maintenance appointments, market to a specific target demographic, manage your booking calendar, and a lot of other things that allow you to work remotely. It’s all done from your computer or phone, and you barely have to step foot on the property.

Keep all Listings Updated

Something you should never ever forget to do is update all your listings on all proper
platforms. Using a vacation rental channel manager at Lodgify is especially recommended to avoid any booking mishap from occurring without you being present. That way, you allow your customers to take care of everything by themselves without ever interfering with one another, maximizing your booking potential.

Have a Welcome Book Handy

Most customers typically have questions. If you or another manager is not present, their answers won’t be answered, leading to dissatisfied customers. This can all be avoided by creating a book or booklet that will contain all questions they have.

Questions like how to use specific appliances, Wi-Fi codes, home and community rules, housekeeping timetable, important contact numbers, as well as guides to local amenities and points of interest. You shouldn’t skip out on any details you don’t want the guests to have to look for you to get an answer.

Find a Reliable Cleaning Service

Hiring just about any cleaning service should be out of the question. The cleaning service should know exactly how the property has to be presented, how things generally work, and be able to fix any potential issues quickly. You should look at the cleaning service as a resource. The higher the quality, the higher the output of the service.

Sometimes you get what you pay for, so don’t skimp out on a good service that will take
care of all housekeeping needs.

Keep a List of Contractors Handy

Similarly to the cleaning service, you should always have a list of reliable contractors handy. It’s not just about the maintenance aspects of the property, either. For example, if a guest gets locked out of their room in the middle of the night. You should have a 24/7 hour locksmith handy. Some situations might be very unlikely to happen, but that doesn’t mean you should prepare ahead of time.

Even though remotely managing vacation rentals is quite easy today, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require effort. With a little planning ahead of time and with the help of a good piece of software, you should have no problems at all.

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