Apple’s Maps And The Shadow Of Steve Jobs

The Shadow of Steve Jobs looms large over Apple, one of the largest companies in the world, especially in terms of market capitalization. On the other hand, Apple is very secretive about the products that they launch in the market, and therefore, it naturally creates a lot of buzz in the market about the products that Apple launches at various events.

The kind of status that Apple enjoys in the global technology market is something that attracts millions of people around the world to see what they have to offer. Apart from that, Steve Jobs, who has been the guiding force behind Apple’s success, is something that charms people in the United States and also across the world.

Apple Without Steve Jobs

However, things have changed today, and the absence of Steve Jobs as the guiding force is strongly felt in the technology market. Some of the revenue, profit, and technological innovations that Apple enjoyed were being worked on when Steve Jobs was alive, and the new CEO, Tim Cook, has tried to execute them in a better way.

The idea of coming up with their own mapping software was something that Steve Jobs envisioned when he was alive, and Apple has been working on it to make sure it becomes a reality. Apple today has tried to introduce new mapping software. The new iOS 6 has the ability to compete with the best software that Google can produce.

However, Apple has failed to explain what they are trying to bring to the market and how they are going to use the same technologies in the future. Unfortunately, Apple could be working on the wishes of Steve Jobs, but they have become victims of allegations that Apple and eBook producers are trying to control the price of eBooks in the market.

Puzzle Between Google and Apple

Some experts believe that Google and Apple both started off as close allies, but with time they became fierce competitors, and now Google has rushed ahead with better mapping software, which must have affected the decisions of Steve Jobs to build their own mapping software.

Some technology experts believe that Apple is trying to come up with tying arrangements that would force buyers to also buy mapping software when they purchase an iPhone 5. This will allow them to handle purchases and control the market better since buyers of the iPhone 5 will have to use the mapping software they recommend. However, similar cases have occurred before, and top technology firms like Microsoft have already engaged in legal wars over it.

The Shadow of Steve Jobs “Tim Cook Review”

In the last few weeks, Tim Cook has gone ahead and apologized diplomatically about the errors that Apple has made with maps. However, many believe that Steve Jobs would have never done it because he was sure about his ideas and innovation. Tim Cook also requested that many iPhone users to use it. Google Maps and that is something that can be a potential danger for Apple. That is way out of sight at the moment. Many experts claim that tying up inferior products. With better ones, it won’t work, and it can push Apple customers to go for them. Android-based products that already have a 68% share of the world market.

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