Gaming Faces Its Arch Enemy – Financial Reality

The TGaming faces its arch-enemy. People have long believed that the gaming industry has the potential to earn more than movies. Almost ten years ago, when the gaming industry was gaining momentum, many people around the world believed that the gaming industry was the future. Consequently, many decided to opt for it, leading to the opening up of more and more game-based companies.

The gaming industry was nothing less than Hollywood, where each game would bring out the best in the players and would allow them to be the hero in their own little gaming world. Some of the popular video games were played by millions across the world, and it was at that time that top technology firms like Microsoft and Sony decided to bring out their consoles in the market.

Fame of Online Games

Well, as time moved ahead, online games became popular, and World of Warcraft became the most popular multiplayer game that had more than 12 million subscribers around the world. Soon after that, many role-playing games hit the online space, and most of them generated the best revenues and profits possible. However, soon top gaming companies brought a new revolution where gamers got rid of buttons and keyboards, and motion-sensing games became the buzz of the video game market. However, the gaming sector today is struggling to stabilize financially and find its balance.

Gaming Faces Its Arch Enemy Disgrace of the Gaming Sector

As per the top companies in the gaming sector in the year 2012, it was nothing less than a nightmare as sales dropped down in just a few months. Many of the gaming companies reported that their sales went down in the first eight months of 2012. They never got to see any profit coming their way, which made it tough for them to recruit better game developers and employees. The overall gaming sector plummeted 20% below their performance in the first eight months, and there is still no option available for such companies. Towards the end of the year, we observed lackluster performance in the North American gaming market, indicating visible symptoms.

Gaming Faces Its Arch Enemy Vision of Gaming Companies

Video game companies believe that the struggling economy has been crippling, as they are completely aware that gamers and players would not spend more on buying games. On the other hand, mobile gaming has, to some extent, allowed players to enjoy their games while on the move. Top games like Words with Friends and Angry Birds, which are made for smartphones, offer better options to gamers. They can play these games while they are on the move.


However, some companies believe that they can still revive retail video game software segment with better games that can attract the attention of the players. At the moment, some of the gaming companies are seeing their stocks crashing down on the stock market, and the lack of blockbuster games has also been the reason. Some gaming industry experts believe that the rise of free-to-play games has also led to the fall of the retail video game software market because consumers would like to enjoy games for free.

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