Revolutionizing Telehealth: Withings Unveils BeamO a Multifunctional Health Device

Withings Unveils BeamO a Multifunctional Health Device

Withings is a French company that specializes in home healthcare technology. They have just unveiled their latest product, BeamO. The BeamO is a new multiscope designed to give patients easy access to important health metrics while on teleconference calls. It revolutionizes the telehealth sector.

BeamO is smaller than a phone and offers four important health metrics. It can be used as a digital thermometer, an electrocardiogram (ECG), an oximeter or a stethoscope. The multifunctional device is designed to give healthcare providers real-time insight into the health of patients, improving the quality and effectiveness of telehealth consultations.

Transforming Telehealth Experiences

electrocardiogram (ECG)

This new product that addresses limitations in remote consultations, particularly during pandemics, is able to enable health professionals to conduct routine checkups previously possible only in person. BeamO, according to CEO Eric Carrell bridges this gap by combining four medical devices. This makes remote healthcare more effective and comprehensive.

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Enhancements and Upcoming Availability

stethoscope beamo chekup

This system can simultaneously read SpO2, ECG and heart rate. It provides “medical grade” accuracy. The device also allows audio to be transmitted via app to healthcare professionals, further improving the telehealth experience. Withings expects BeamO to be sold in July for $250 while awaiting FDA approval for AFib.

As Withings anticipates the official release of BeamO in July, priced at $250, the telehealth landscape is poised for a significant transformation. The device’s multifunctional capabilities, coupled with its commitment to “Medical Grade” accuracy, position it as a game changer in remote healthcare. While awaiting FDA approval for (AFib), BeamO represents a promising step towards making telehealth consultations more accessible, comprehensive, and user-friendly. With the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, BeamO exemplifies Withings’ dedication to advancing home healthcare technology. As we eagerly await its arrival on the market, the future of telehealth looks brighter than ever, thanks to the innovative strides made by Withings with the introduction of BeamO.


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