Ecommerce Fraud Prevention

Ecommerce Fraud Prevention: Types of Payment Fraud and Their Solutions to Get Your Online Business Rid of Them

Irrespective of the size of your ecommerce business, online sales are increasingly becoming vital to driving its growth and reaching new markets. However, payment fraud is also influencing the normal proceedings, making it dire for retailers to take serious measures regarding ecommerce fraud prevention not only to protect the trust of their customers but also…

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Apple Pay Scam

Apple Pay Scam Awareness: Steps to Identifying and Avoiding Tricky Tactics in Digital Transactions

Using Apple devices for making safe transactions is becoming more and more common because of Apple Pay. However, it is at risk of possible Apple Pay scam and scams just like any other digital payment mechanism. This article will discuss Apple’s protections against fraud and whether or not they provide payments for reported illegal activities.

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