Woxi SmartPod Launches for TV in India

SmartPods revolutionize how people spend most of their time on the internet and enjoy gaming on their TVs. This technology includes an app that provides various content through one Android application. An American technology company, Woxi Media, recently introduced its Android-based SmartPod for TVs in India. With this device, Indian users can easily surf the internet and play games on their TVs.

Features Of Smarpod

The facility ‘SmartPod for TV’ is available at Rs 9,499 Indian Rupees (around $50), with built-in Android featuring multi-user login capability, which can be used in every type of television set. This excellent device is supported by dual processors, which also behave as a WiFi router and can connect up to 12 devices at a time, such as personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and many more. This magic box comes with a magic motion remote with a built-in sensor system for motion gaming, and this remote can also be used as a Qwerty keyboard.

More Explanation Of Woxi SmartPod Model

The specifications of the Woxi SmartPod include:

  • Model:                        SmartPod (WOX100)
  • OS:                              Android 2.3.6, with multi-user capability
  • Processor:                  ARM Cortex A9
  • GPU:                           ARM Mali 400 GPU with 2D/3D
  • Dimensions:              110.0 x 110.0 x 25.0 mm.
  • Internal Memory      512 MB RAM
  • Storage Memory:      2GB Internal Flash Memory
  • External Slot              SDHC memory card expandable up to 32 GB

Remote Flexibility And Prices

The remote has 2.4GHz RF (Radio Frequency) connectivity. This feature enables the user to change channels without pointing the remote to the television in ten meters and non-line of sight. In addition to individual electronic retail stores across the country, this device is easily available all around the country, such as Croma’s stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and all over. There are also many similar types of devices available in the Indian market. A Japanese electronic firm, Akai, launched a ‘Smart Box’ device at Rs 6,590, or around $25, that allows users to surf the internet on their television sets. In this way, users have the choice and depend upon them. Which of the company’s brands do they like? Also, another electronic company, Amketter, had launched its EVO TV, priced at Rs 9,995 ($50).

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