Now Smartphone Can Sense Human Feelings

Did you imagine that Smartphone’s become capable of sensing human emotions? It sounds amazing or unbelievable. According to the new research project from the University of Rochester, they aim that mobile can be a human sensor detector or your phone is capable enough of measuring your emotions such as how you’re speaking.

Smartphone Can Express Your Emotions

The developers focus on a small change in a human voice rather than using the traditional style of self-reporting and monitoring body language. The basic terminology in this system is measuring twelve different areas of speech. According to Wendi Heinzelman, the professor of  electrical and computer engineering, said that the project analyzed completely motionless phrases such as saying month of the year, amazingly they are able to reach an eighty one percent accuracy while previous attempts were only near to fifty five percent.
The researcher is able to tweak their algorithm to associate certain pitches, volumes and harmonic to a specific emotional state. While this is undoubtedly an effective tool for medical and psychologists developers and also it has huge potential for customers or consumers. Now we can elaborate our topic with a live example:

Apple’s Siri

Take a look at Apple’s Siri; it’s designed exactly like human likes and dislikes by offering funny answers, apologizing and using more realistic speech. This gives us a better experience because it calculates the  human interaction. Now, think about this technology integrated to Apple Siri. Whenever you’re getting bored or frustrated, it could gives you a hint on how to interact better and whenever you’re in sad mood then it could throw in compliments for you.

Advantages Of Smartphone Deviece

In fact, by using this technology anyone are able to understand the words directly with their love ones and it is extremely difficult to execute a lie in front of an aphasic because they are so sophistically adept at picking up the hidden emotions. This story truly illustrates how much of our emotion states and expressed verbally, and how useful this research really is. For Instance, the tool is very helpful in courts in front of Judge, if an accused tell a lie then there emotions can easily be trapped. Also this research can benefit to humans but in some aspect this technology is very harmful in many cases such as, if you give a fake emotions in front of your loved one then they can easily judge you that you’re a liar.

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