A Review of Smallest Sensor and Its Qualities, Features and Functionality

With the growth of Modern science  one of the astonished invention is low power high performance sensor. The sensor is made of silicon that has a specific application that is used in the process of bio sensing , environmental scanning , and environmental monitoring.

Components of Sensor

The sensor which is made of micro silicon chip is extremely sensitive and low power consumer. Such type of feature make it more unique and efficient . The sensor introduced a single electronic and nano electrical-mechanical system. Today power consumption is a big issue. The sensor is a smallest device which is used to reduce power consumption. Single electronic transistor has include a unique suspended silicon nanobridge. The work of this nanobridge is very much similar with the work of very sensitive detector which is made of organic and biochemical molecules.

The usability of Sensor in Society

The sensor is a one of the useful technology of today which Is used in robotic field for monitor the environment .The sensor is also play a vital role in the field of automatic inspection of quality work control. Sensor provide more accurate result than manual system in the work place .The first time in the world the amazing combination of two nano technologies to develop a small and efficient sensor that will used in sensory, have a biochemical capabilities to identify the danger.

Efficiency of Detector

These small sensors that are only few millimeters in size are more efficient and precise than the previous detectors. This is a world famous detector.
It will be use for sensing in many fields some of them are followings:-
•    Chemical and Biochemical pathogens
•    Explosive material
•    Spoiled & injurious food
•    Polluted water
Scientists are working to explore more efficient way to integrate different cells on the microchips. These cells used to expose of harmful material and specific sensing circuits will provide help to detect the dangerous things.

How Smallest Sensor will helpful in Life?

The cell based sensor used not only for security system but also it has created a great progression in basic science. These types of sensors also helpful in pharmaceutical industries to identify drugs much faster than animal and human being and also get more accurate result. The system of human and animal trial of drugs testing is very much risky and unethical. The sensor makes it easy and efficient. It is also provide help to detect harmful bacteria in water and food and also check the quality of water and level of air pollution.

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