How Do Sublimation Printers Work? Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Sublimation Printer

You’ve found our review of the best sublimation printers online! You’ve found the perfect site if you want a printer capable of producing prints of breathtaking, rich color and professional quality. Sublimation printing transfers images onto different substrates, such as textiles, ceramics, and metal. It’s ideal for making one-of-a-kind presents, designing one-of-a-kind garments, or opening one’s print shop.

This article will help you select the best sublimation printer for your needs by discussing several models currently on the market. Let’s dig in and find the printer that best suits your needs for all your artistic activities!

What Is A Sublimation Printer?

Thermal sublimation printers ink fabric and coated surfaces. These can be large format printers or short. Inkjet printers use liquid ink that smears and fades, but these printers turn solid dye particles into gas. This gas renders vibrant, long-lasting images on fibers. Instead of printing, sublimation penetrates the substrate. The patterns keep their color after repeated washings, making them ideal for personalized clothing and advertising.

Sublimation printers need special paper and ink to print well. For true color retention, the paper must swiftly absorb dye vapor. These printers’ ink cartridges or bottles contain colors that evaporate into gas when heated. DIYers and custom printers employ sublimation. They support many printable items and produce professional results. These printers preserve color better than conventional printing methods.

How To Use A Sublimation Printer?

Though difficult, sublimation printers may produce lab-quality prints with expertise. This printer instructions are below.

  • Prepare your design for printing by making or selecting it. Sublimation works best with light-colored polyester or polymer-coated items.
  • Sublimation printer software and drivers must be installed. Set up your printer. Make sure your computer is securely plugged in.
  • Fill cartridges with excellent sublimation ink. Follow manufacturer instructions when filling in colors.
  • Adjust photo settings like size, quality, and color profile in your design application.

Test prints on plain paper or cheap substrates should be made before printing on final products to get the desired results.

Follow the transfer paper and machine manufacturer’s directions for optimal heat press results. The robotic printers are easier to use than them.

Sawgrass Sublimation Printer Ink

Sawgrass’s unique sublimation printer ink sets it apart from competitors. This ink creates long-lasting prints that faithfully depict your drawings. Sawgrass ink prints clearly on fabric, porcelain, metal and clings nicely to polyester, allowing smooth transfers without affecting color brilliance or longevity. It makes it ideal for custom clothing and furniture.

Sawgrass sublimation ink resists fading, which is fantastic. Sawgrass sublimation papers are easy to use. This ink won’t fade prints after washings or direct sunlight. It preserves your work’s shine. Sawgrass sublimation printer ink dries quickly, so your graphics won’t smudge or bleed. You may now finish jobs swiftly and competently.

Epson Sublimation Printer

Epson is known for its high-quality large sublimation printer to make Colorful, Long-Lasting Prints. The sublimation printer from Epson is durable and produces versatile, vibrant, long-lasting prints. PrecisionCore® technology gives Epson sublimation printers excellent color accuracy. You may create outstanding visual fidelity and bright color designs with this technology. Besides their print quality and lengthy lifespan, Epson sublimation printers provide practical features that make printing easy. Wi-Fi direct printing and simple menus make these printers user-friendly.

Dye Sublimation Printer

When they need rich colors and high resolution, professionals and enthusiasts use dye sublimation printers. This printer transfers dye onto cloth, porcelain, and metal in a unique manner. The technology’s ability to create continuous tone images with seamless transitions and fine details sells dye sublimation printers. Inkjet printers employ dots to create an image, but dye sublimation printers use heat to turn solid dye into gas.

The gas permeates and solidifies again when the substance cools, irreversibly attaching the dye to the substrate. These printers are popular due to their versatility and print quality. These are kind of cheapest printers. A high-quality dye-sublimation printer produces excellent color reproduction, durability, and versatility for business and pleasure printing.

HP Sublimation Printer

The HP Sublimation Printer revolutionizes sublimation printing and best sublimation printer for beginners. Its cutting-edge technologies and capabilities help users add color and detail to their designs. Print quality distinguishes the HP Sublimation Printer. The maximum print resolution of 1200 dpi reproduces even the tiniest details. This printer produces high-quality photos and intricate graphics.

HP Sublimation Printers are also flexible. It’s suitable for textiles, ceramics, metals, and more. Thus, you can use this printer to make custom clothing and mugs. HP Sublimation Printers are perfect for sublimation printing. Its versatile features and high-quality output set it apart from competing printers. Thus, why delay? Let your imagination run wild with an HP Sublimation Printer today. HP has Best Buy Printers and Scanners.

Mimaki UV Printer

How To Use A Mimaki UV Printer To Unleash Your Creativity?

Mimaki UV Printers revolutionize sublimation printing. Due to its cutting-edge features and reliable operation, this high-quality printer will expand your imagination. Quality printing and vivid colors are Mimaki UV Printer characteristics. Whether printing on fabric, ceramic, or metal, this printer records every detail precisely. This printer uses UV ink that dries quickly in UV light, making prints durable and smudge-proof.

Adaptability distinguishes the Mimaki UV Printer from other sublimation printers. Its substrate and material flexibility allow for endless design possibilities. This printer is ideal for custom apparel and exhibitions.


This blog post covers the top 7 sublimation printers that will satisfy your printing demands. Sawgrass, Epson, HP, and Mimaki printers offer high quality and adaptability for sublimation applications. There we have sawgrass sublimation printer vs the mimaki UV printer.

Sublimation printer for heat transfer dye onto cloth, ceramics, and metals. This method produces sharp, long-lasting prints with rich colors.

Picking the best printer depends on your needs. Print size, resolution, speed, and budget determine the best printer.

Before deciding, carefully assess your needs to choose the best option from top sublimation printer list!


What is the best sublimation printer?

Which printer is best depends on your specific needs and budget. Sawgrass printers are known for quality and reliability, while HP printers are known for speed. Epson printers are known for adaptability and compatibility with third-party inks.

What kind of printer do you need for sublimation?

Sublimation printing requires a particular inkjet printer equipped to deal with dye-sublimation inks. Regular inkjet printers may not produce adequate results because of changes in the ink composition. Thus, selecting a model compatible with third-party inks or one specifically built for this purpose is crucial.

How much is a sublimation printer?

Depending on the make and model, the cost of the printer might vary widely. Sublimation printers from Sawgrass and Epson are two of the most well-known names in the industry. Prices for these brands’ entry-level devices typically begin at $300–$500, while those for their more feature-rich high-end models can exceed $1,000.

What does a sublimation printer do?

The same method can transfer a sublimation-printed image or design to another surface. In this printing method, solid ink is turned to gas without liquid. The gas permanently adheres to polyester fabric fibers or other specialized coatings.

Colorful and long-lasting sublimation prints are appealing. Sublimation printers can print on T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and ceramic tiles.

How to convert an Epson printer to sublimation?

The conversion ensures your Epson printer supports sublimation ink. Some models need to be more suitable. After checking compatibility, buy model-specific sublimation ink.
Running cleaning cycles or utilizing specialist cleaning solutions will remove any remaining ink from the printer’s system.

After flushing out old ink, replenish or install sublimation ink cartridges.

Check the converted printer’s functionality by printing on scrap paper or fabric before using it. Image quality and color accuracy may require adjustments.

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