Samsung Galaxy S II 4G – Review


Boost Mobile has collaborated with the leading mobile phone company in the United States, Samsung, to launch three new models to strengthen its line of mobile handsets.

These include the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, the Samsung Galaxy Rush and the Samsung Array. These devices can be purchased through Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited Plans making the purchases more affordable for the buyers.

A Boost Mobile Production

These devices have been in selected for launch so that they may satisfy the needs of all types of users, from those who prefer basic functionality, to those who prefer the full range of 4G technology.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G is a significant milestone because it is the most popular and sophisticated entertainment medium currently on the market. It can be bought on the market for monthly payments as low as $40 under the special payment plan offered by Boost Mobile.


The mobiles can be purchased from the Boost retail stores across the country as well as through the website of the company. In addition, it can be purchased from a few general retailers across the United States.

What makes it even more attractive is that Boost Mobile offers free shipping on online orders. This is a great strategy because it allows the company to increase its sales by making the buying process easier.

Attractiveness of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G smartphone will be launched to operate with the use of 3G and 4G networks, thus increasing the reach of the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be able to support fast uploads with an average speed ranging from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps.

At times, the bursts can go up to 10 Mbps. Through the 4G network, the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G users will be able to connect with 71 markets all over the United States. In addition, the 3G network will increase connectivity to over 278 million subscribers across the country.

Design Features of Samsung Galaxy s

The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G has an attractive design that comes in black and white colours. In has a touch screen that is 4.52 inches. This provides reasonable viewing considering that the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G is an entertainment device.

The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G also comes with dual cameras and is equipped with one of the fastest processors in the smartphone segment. This is the Samsung Exynos which makes processing on the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G very easy and fast. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G also has an excellent colour display which allows users to view photographs and videos.

The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G also offers Wi-Fi connectivity. However, the users need to subscribe to this for a nominal charge of $10 a month.
It is powered by the Android 4.0 operating system and a 1.2 GHz processor which offers one of the best speeds in the industry. It has a large memory allowing 16 GB internal memory to be used



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