Priority Payment Systems Analysis: What You Need To Know

Priority Payment Systems Analysis

Do you remember during graduation we read a chapter in My Financial Career where Leacock, the author, was afraid of going to banks? Well, that was the same case with me till my 22nd birthday; I had never visited the bank. But now I use Priority Payment Systems LLC.

If you are unaware of priority payment solutions or want more details, then continue reading because we have written a complete priority payment systems review for you.

What Is Priority Payment Systems LLC?

Priority Payment Systems LLC helps with money transactions and payments. So they offer services for processing bank cards. Not just that, they also work with banks and financial companies. They provide a range of EMV-compliant terminals and many payment options, like Apple Pay and Android Pay. Plus, this Systems LLC gives us handy mobile card readers for transactions while we’re on the move.

A Few Quick Facts
HeadquartersAlpharetta, GA
FoundingYear: 2005
CEOThomas Priore
Total StaffRound about 500


  • It is good for small stores and restaurants with about 20 workers.
  • It can handle lots of transactions easily.
  • The payment system works pretty well with what the customer needs.
  • Changes its solutions to fit what the customers want.
  • There’s no fee for using the payment gateway.


  • They will charge if you are ending their service early.
  • There is a monthly fee applied.
  • There’s no information about the setup fee.
  • A three-year contract is mandatory.
  • They also use independent sales agents.

Differences between Priority Technology Holdings and Priority Payment Systems

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. is like the boss of PPS. So the priority payment system is part of Priority Technology Holdings. Therefore, it does things like help with money transactions using technology. Similarly, Priority Payment Systems West is also part of Priority Technology Holdings.

Priority Payments Systems Payment Processing

  • An assurance for checks
  • Processing for Credit Cards
  • Processing for Debit Cards
  • EMV Transaction Processing
  • Programs for Gift and Loyalty
  • Mobile App for Payment
  • Point of Sale (POS) Equipment
  • Virtual Terminal Services

Priority Payment Systems Billing & Invoicing

  • Invoices can be customized
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Using the Internet to make payments
  • Processing Payments

Priority Payment Systems Advertising & Sales

Priority Payment Systems has mentioned on its website that it works with independent reps and ISO associations to advertise. Also, the BBB profile of the company shows two opposing views regarding advertising or sales matters. So this points to the problems with how some sales agents operate.

Priority Payment Systems Pricing, Rates & Fees

Every year I have to pay charges of $129.99; for the month, the charges are a $25 fee every month. Honestly, I don’t want to pay charges every month.

They also offer a way to accept payments online using something called Payeezy. We get the two plans: one costs 2.90% plus $0.30 for each transaction (let’s just say it’s a basic plan). And as for the other plan, we call it the Pro Plan. Which is cheaper and charges 1.89% plus $0.23 per transaction. But if you already created an account, you can go to the priority payment system login and get all the details of your account.

Priority Payment Systems Lawsuits and Fines

Did you know Axiom Bank filed a lawsuit against Priority Payment Systems? The argument was about money—Axiom says the money was supposed to pay them, but Priority says it was meant to stay with them.

Priority Payment Systems Contract & Terms

Priority Payment Systems typically has a standard contract that lasts for 3 years. But if someone wants to end the contract early, there’s a fee. You know the fee can range from $200 to $600. Additionally, for any information, you can call the phone number: +1 866 493 9580.

Priority Payment Systems Alternatives

This payment system faces competition from several major companies in its industry, such as Stripe, Block, Flutterwave, FIS, and First Data. However, we have listed some of the best alternatives for priority payment.

Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct helps online businesses that don’t physically swipe cards, like those in eCommerce, because they mainly focus on areas like SaaS, online stores, and info products. Instead of calling these industries ‘high-risk’, they refer to them as’special needs’. It also serves many other similar types of businesses.

Payment Cloud

PaymentCloud is a good alternative because it helps different types of businesses handle payments. Whether they’re considered low-risk, medium-risk, or high-risk, they provide point-of-sale solutions and payment gateway services. Not just that, it manages payments for various methods, including cryptocurrencies.


JetPay offers services like processing debit and credit card payments and handling payroll. They also manage human resources and provide card facilities to businesses in the US. Therefore, they operate in two parts: one for payment services and the other for HR and payroll services.

Commonly asked question

What is the Priority Payments module?

The Priority Payments module is a complete solution for customer payments. It merges advanced payment features with convenient tools. It helps streamline payments from all credit cards and various other methods like PayPal and ACH. This can work with any gadget, whether it’s a computer or a mobile phone, at any time.

Who is Tom Priore?

Tom Priority Payment Systems:

Thomas Priore is the CEO of Priority Systems. He has been very important in helping the company grow. With his help, Priority changed from a small new company into a big provider of ways to handle payments. Through his efforts, Priority has become the 13th biggest payment service in the US.

Is Priority Payment Systems legit?

There are some concerns about priority payment systems. It’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but it has a low customer rating of 1 out of 5 stars based on only 6 reviews. There have been 28 complaints filed against the company on the BBB website. These complaints cover different problems, including billing, services, and advertising. This information might be important to consider when thinking about the the PPS payment provider?

A prospective payment system (PPS) is how Medicare decides how much to pay for healthcare services before they’re given. They figure out this payment using a system that groups services together, like hospital care, based on what’s wrong with the patient.

How many merchants do priority payments have?

Over 250,000 merchants are currently using Priority’s payment system. Now they can access a combined payment package that merges Priority’s existing card acceptance services with Brink’s digital cash payment solution.

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