How To Set Up PayPal For Art Commissions On Tumblr 2020?

how to set up paypal for art commissions tumblr

The best thing you can do as an artist is to establish PayPal as a means of transaction for your artwork. When you want to purchase artwork, this is the ideal means of payment. In this blog, we learn the easiest method of how to set up PayPal for art commissions on Tumblr and begin taking orders for your artwork.

Payments and transferring cash to everybody around the globe are straightforward and reliable with PayPal.

Art Commission: What is it?

Creating a piece of art for someone to display or give as a gift is known as art commissioning. As it is made especially for them, it is the perfect opportunity for you to develop things based on their needs.

That way, it will be whatever honestly talks to them. Being content with the work and relishing the outcome is a typical lesson for artists. It could be challenging to release your work of art if you are afraid someone will take it or copy it without permission.

Here, PayPal has a role. PayPal is a software that facilitates secure and easy electronic payments. PayPal protects artists from dishonest buyers while allowing them to promote their work. Let’s examine ways to begin setting up PayPal for Tumblr art commissions.

How do commissions for art function?

You may be compensated for creating artwork that can be shown or provided as a gift using an art commission. One excellent technique to expose prospective clients to your artwork is through painting commissions.

With this, you can produce a fresh piece of art according to the buyer’s requirements. One particular kind of artwork is unique, so art commissions are fantastic. It follows that no product meeting the requirements has yet been created. This could be the reason why art is frequently quite costly. Now, you might be wondering if artists can use PayPal successfully. Alright

How do I set up PayPal for digital art commissions?

The following procedures must be rigorously followed to establish a PayPal for digital artists. PayPal is prepared to delay the funds or delete your profile if it finds odd transaction activity.

  • Use the correct entry areas on the PayPal home screen to provide your username and password and registration email to get to your account’s information.
  • To access PayPal on the main screen, select the “Request Money” tab at the very beginning. The button you’re looking at is the 3rd one from leftmost on the top column.
  • Select the “Make an Invoice” section, which is located above the “Request Money” option on the newly shown screen.
  • Choose “Due on Receipt” in the “Payment Terms” box, for instance, if you need the revenue share paid as soon as you receive the invoice. Alternatively, choose “Due on Date Specified” and specify a deadline in the “Due Date” box when the fee must be paid in a month.
  • In the “Recipient’s Email Address” field, enter the email account of the individual from whomever you are asking for money. Next, input the fee value and choose the relevant denomination. In the content fields next to the entry fields, type any conditions that apply or a personal message regarding the affiliate fees.
  • Make sure all the data you supplied is accurate by reviewing the invoice. When you are happy, click the “Send” box located in the lower right corner of the screen. The designated person will receive the compensation invoice.

PayPal product or service keyword for an artist or not?

Fine art shouldn’t be stored in a closet or hidden away. It’s a skill that ought to be visible for everyone to observe.  But then I had another idea. What if someone steals the concept for my artwork?

This is when things get nasty because the majority of individuals will violate your copyright by doing this without even asking for authorization. This is PayPal’s positive aspect. Unlike being observed by a third party, Paypal lets you offer your product straight to the customer while receiving payment.

Thus, just the two of you are aware of the procedure. Because nobody but you can see the earnings you are generating, people believe it to be wrong. However, you are aware that, as an artist, you are earning excellent money in secret.

You can respond to the query on your own. Is PayPal beneficial for artists like you? Yes, it is beneficial—but only if you value maintaining the privacy of your revenues and the copyright and uniqueness of the work you create.

How can I configure PayPal for free Tumblr art commissions?

There is no upfront cost for PayPal company. They now make more expenditures and prefer cash to traditional accounts.

Let’s say you decide to pay an electronic transaction cost. In that instance, the specified fee is $30 US dollars, and your share of the total transaction value is 2.9%.

There is no fixed charge when you select the In-Store payment option because you will only be responsible for 2.7% of the total transaction amount.


You now know how easy it is to set up a PayPal account for commission employment. Along with exciting features, the PayPal Business version provides exceptional service to clients. The likelihood of cheating decreases as the number of people utilizing PayPal for transactions increases.


What type of PayPal account for art commissions?

PayPal business accounts with the Premier or Business types recommended for painting transactions. Artistic professionals who handle art commissions may find that the Personal and Business PayPal for art commissions accounts provide additional capabilities and financial options.

How do I make a PayPal invoice for art commissions?

To get the answer on how to set up PayPal for art commissions Tumblr invoice, join your PayPal account, select “Invoicing,” enter the customer’s information, list the goods or services, determine the price, and submit the invoice to the customer to produce one for an art contract.

Can I use a personal PayPal account for art commissions?

Yes, provided the payer utilizes funds from their own PayPal profile or a bank exchange, you can accept payments using a personal PayPal login.

Which PayPal account is best for artists?

A PayPal Personal account is still functional even if you offer a few items or offers. For entrepreneurs or artists, this renders them perfect.

Is PayPal good for art commissions?

Since PayPal is easy to operate, safe, and protects the individual’s purchase, we highly advise artists to open a wallet or buy online.

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