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Do you know that JetPay was an independent company that helped businesses with handling credit card payments, payroll, and other services? But in 2018, another company called NCR, which is famous for its self-service kiosks, bought JetPay. This joining together lets NCR add JetPay’s payment services to what they offer businesses. You can also call it JetPay ncr

Even though JetPay is now part of NCR, it still gives merchants the same online selling and card-not-present solutions. They also offer NCR’s POS systems and help with taking payments through mobile devices.


JetPay Merchant Services works as a registered service of Esquire Bank. It is based in Carrollton, Texas. Before being bought by NCR, the company helped over 10,000 businesses nationwide with their online sales and payments. Because the card wasn’t physically available there.

The good thing is after being acquired by NCR, JetPay has broadened its services. So now the company provides POS solutions, mobile payment processing, and eCheck processing, among other services. These offerings are good for businesses in the banking and restaurant sectors because of the comprehensive range of solutions they provide.

NCR Payments doesn’t display its prices online. This is because their charges depend on the specific needs of each merchant they serve. However, this absence of clarity can make it tough for potential merchants to gauge if the company aligns with their budget goals.

Quick Facts
Headquarters Carrollton, Texas
Year of Establishment 1885
CEO Michael Hayford
Number of Employees 10,000


  • It is easy to use
  • Diverse payment solutions
  • Jetpay provides special services for banks and restaurants.
  • They added more services after NCR bought it.
  • It can grow with your business.


  • It has limited online pricing transparency.
  • Customer service concerns.
  • Integration challenges.
  • The potential need for frequent technological updates

The JetPay Merchant Services Payment Processing Platform

JetPay Merchant Services offers various payment processing solutions, including:

  • ACH Transactions
  • Check Solutions
  • Proximity NFC
  • Online Payments
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Debit Card Processing
  • eCheck & ACH Processing
  • EMV Processing
  • Mobile Payments App
  • Payment Gateway
  • Retail Payment Processing
  • Virtual Terminal

Billing & Invoicing For JetPay Merchant Services

For billing and invoicing of the jet pay merchant account, include:

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing

JetPay Merchant Services Products & Services

Payment Gateway

NCR Payments has its own way of helping with online purchases. However, we don’t have any clear idea of what it does. But we know it helps with things like making payments regularly, keeping information safe, and managing transactions.

POS System

Because it was acquired by NCR Payments, JetPay Merchant Services now offers POS systems. As they have different machines, each has its own good points. They also use software called NCR Silver that works on an iPad.

Merchant Account

When we set up a merchant account with JetPay, they give us complete and traditional service. We get a special number (that is a merchant identification number), and Jet Pay will directly process transactions. The advantage is that NCR will handle the customer service concerns.

Providing Advertising And Sales Support To JetPay Merchants

JetPay can be considered transparent because it doesn’t heavily promote its services. If you check the main NCR website, you’ll see only a small section about the former JetPay Merchant Services. They don’t advertise rates or contract terms. As a result, they cannot mislead anyone.

Fortunately, Jet Pay doesn’t seem to use independent sales agents. Additionally, it has not received any complaints over its sales practices. Although information about them is limited, it suggests they are likely not unfriendly to merchants.

A Comparison Of JetPay Merchant Services Pricing, Rates, And Fees

JetPay Merchant Services doesn’t show its prices or fees because they vary for each merchant. This can be great as it permits negotiation. Usually, NCR has a tiered pricing plan, but you might be able to discuss and choose a different pricing option if you prefer.

Overview of JetPay Pricing:
Pricing Model Tiered Pricing
Swiped Rate Ranges from 1.00% to 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate Ranges from 1.00% to 4.99%
Mobile Payment Rate Details not provided
Virtual Terminal Rate Ranges from 1.00% to 4.99%
Early Termination Fee It starts at $550
Equipment Lease Terms Locked for 48 Months

JetPay Merchant Services Contract & Terms

One thing we know about NCR is that their usual contracts last for three years. They renew it automatically, which might not be what most merchants prefer.

Also, the company charges a significant fee if you try to end your contract early with JetPay. Breaking the contract early could cost more than $550. This means merchants should be sure that NCR Payments is the right choice for them before committing to the company.

Reviews, Complaints, And Ratings For JetPay Merchant Services

Both NCR Corporation and JetPay hold B- ratings with the BBB. Common complaints from merchants include:

  • Hardware problems
  • Challenges with account closure
  • Unresponsive customer service


The company showcases good reviews on its website from big brands like Shell and Chipotle. These reviews talk about how NCR helped them with particular solutions that followed their needs.

Google ratings of jetpay: According to 9 reviews, its Google rating is 3.8

JetPay Merchant Services Alternatives

Payment cloud

PaymentCloud helps many types of businesses with their payment needs. They also work with businesses that might have more risks. Because They specialize in helping those types of businesses.

Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct is the best alternative to jetpay. It began in 2009 and was led by Brad Weimert, the founder and CEO. Its main advantages include a special payment gateway and a large network of banking partners. Because they make it easy by providing a single contact for handling multiple merchant accounts.

Priority Payment Systems

Another jet pay alternative is Priority Payment Systems because they focus on handling debit and credit card transactions. Priority offers various terminals that comply with EMV standards. It also provides contactless payment options such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Additionally, the company provides mobile card readers for transactions on the move.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is JetPay a legit company

Yes, JetPay is a legit that helps businesses with payment processing. So they’re a registered and recognized organization that offers different payment solutions.

What is JetPay used for?

JetPay is used for processing payments for businesses. It provides various payment solutions such as credit card processing, ACH transactions, online payments, mobile payment processing, and other financial services for merchants and businesses.

What is JetPay WorkForce today?

WorkForce Today is a new HR management service offered to Jet Pay Payroll Services customers. It also helps manage employees using modern technology. Additionally, it gives mid-sized businesses advanced tools and large companies an easy way to handle their workforce.

How do I create a Jet Pay account?

  • First Contact JetPay through their website or customer service.
  • Then Inquire about their services and discuss your business needs.
  • Now Complete a registration or application process provided by JetPay.
  • After that provide necessary business details and sign agreements.
  • Now Undergo verification for security and compliance purposes


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