Pixel 8 Pro teardown Exposes its Temperature Sensor and a Sticky Battery Setup

Pixel 8 Pro teardown exposes its temperature

IFixit has disassembled the $999 Pixel 8 Pro, revealing the phone’s unique temperature sensor hardware. With a heated mat, clamp, and pick, iFixit’s Shahram Mokhtari removes the Pixel 8 Pro’s screen. After removing the display, Mokhtari unscrews the main frame and folds back the 5G mmWave antenna cable. Mokhtari pulls the plastic tabs beneath the 5,050mAh battery to remove it.

However, Mokhtari has the same issue as PBKreviews, the YouTube channel that destroyed the Pixel 8. Using isopropyl alcohol, iFixit and PBKreviews remove the battery’s glue. After that, Mokhtari removed the Pixel 8 Pro’s 50MP primary camera, 48MP ultrawide lens, and 48MP telescopic lens.

Pixel 8 Pro’s Unique Thermometer

Finally, we see the Pixel 8 Pro’s unique thermometer. Mokhtari zooms in on the component, which appears to be four round sensors. When assembled, the temperature sensor is in the camera bar on the back of the phone. It’s expected to report surface temperatures accurately, with body temperatures awaiting FDA approval.

Unlike the iPhone 15, Mokhtari says the Pixel 8 Pro’s components aren’t software-locked, so you don’t have to buy them from Google. Google guarantees seven years of Android updates for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. My colleague Sean Hollister notes that Google is still limiting Night Sight and Zoom Enhance to the Pixel 8 Pro, making that promise less meaningful.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro contains an infrared temperature sensor. Why does the Pixel 8 Pro contain a heat sensor?

Google isn’t promoting an odd feature on a $1,000 flagship phone. The Pixel 8 Pro announcement mentions it briefly.
Here, things get complicated: Google doesn’t need phone or temperature sensor approval. It doesn’t need clearance to read your skin temperature if it’s not telling you your body temperature. (Several businesses currently utilize infrared temperature sensors in smartwatches for sleep tracking and cycle prediction, but they try not to show body temperature.)

“Okay, but what if I just take my temperature with it anyway?” You can point it at your forehead today, but it won’t give you your body temperature, just its surface temperature. Not the same! The non-contact infrared thermometer on my body reads 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Switching to surface mode cools me to 94.7 F.

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IFixit’s Pixel 8 Pro breakdown revealed an intriguing temperature sensor and the phone’s user-friendly component accessibility. Google’s software openness gives users more power and flexibility than competitors. Some features are exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro, which may appeal to customers. This deconstruction illuminates the device’s inner workings and unique features.


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